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Q21. To use ODI efficiently in a Data Warehouse project is it necessary to have a topology with an intermediate transformation server?

A. It is mandatory to have an intermediate server.

B. It is better to load data directly from sources into a data warehouse server.

C. Data transformation should be distributed across several scalable nodes.

D. It is mandatory to collect data directly from sources into a data warehouse server using real time replication processes.

Answer: D

Q22. Identify one correct statement regarding Exception steps in Load Plans.

A. Exception steps cannot be defined in a Load Plan.

B. Exception steps can only be defined for Parallel Steps in a Load Plan

C. Exception steps can only be defined for Serial Steps in a Load Plan.

D. Exception steps can be defined for most Step types in a Load Plan.

Answer: D

Q23. Which two ODI knowledge modules are included in the Application Adapter for Hadoop?

A. IKM Oracle Incremental Update

B. IKM Hive Transform

C. IKM SQL to File Append

D. IKM File to Hive

Answer: BD

Q24. Which one of the following attributes should always be provided to EDQ AV as a separate attribute if available?

A. Name

B. City

C. Country

D. State or Province

E. Zip or Postal code

Answer: E

Q25. When the data, source, and target are persistent in the same data server, in an ODI interface, do you need an LKM and an LKM to load the data on target?

A. Yes, both an LKM multi technology and an IKM multi-technology are required.

B. Yes, an LKM multi-technology and an IKM single technology are required.

C. No, only an IKM multi-technology is required,

D. No, only an IKM single technology is required.

Answer: D

Q26. Select the correct statement in an ODI interface, each column of the target can have at most, one mapping in a given dataset.

A. No,a targetcolumn can have multiple defined mappings.

B. No, a variable is used to evaluate if the target column can have more than one mapping.

C. Yes, a target column can have a unique and well-defined mapping.

D. Yes, a target column can have a unique definition, but an ODI procedure can define additional mappings for that column.

Answer: C

Q27. Select the statement that best describes the difference between Server and Client Data Store access.

A. There is no difference between Server and Client Data Store access, both can be used conveniently.

B. Data is accessed from Server only if it is the data store.

C. Data is accessed from Client only if it is an Excel file.

D. A local file on a laptop can be accessed using Client access, or from Server If a copy of the file is on the EDQ server landing area.

Answer: B

Q28. Select the three correct options for Token Checking in the EDQ parser.

A. Checking against a list of values.

B. Checking for duplicates.

C. Checking against a list of patterns.

D. Checking for typing errors.

E. Checking against a list of regular expressions.

Answer: ABE

Q29. Select the two correct statements about the Date Profiler.

A. It can profile string dates written in a variety of formats, such as DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY.

B. It provides a distribution for the day in the year, such as February 21, regardless of the year.

C. It allows the EDQ user to define a valid range of dates.

D. By clicking a date in blue, the user can drill down to the records that carried that value.

E. It rejects February 29 as an invalid date.

Answer: BD

Q30. To load a specific table using ODI, do you need to draw directly in the flow all details about how the different servers involved are connected?

A. Yes, and also specify with variables the passwords for connecting to the data contained in the servers.

B. No, the code will be black box-generated directly by ODI.

C. No, ODI automatically designs the flow and how servers are connected.

D. In the ODI interface palette, choose the more convenient graphic objects to link the involved servers.

Answer: C