Exam Code: 1z0-482 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Data Integrator 11g Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Aug 1z0-482 exam answers

Q1. In an ODI interface, is it mandatory to use a join to describe a lookup?

A. Yes,there are not many other graphical Objects to describe a lookup.

B. Yes, it is not possible to set anything other than a join in an ODI Interface.

C. No, there is a graphical object dedicated to set a lookup in the source area of an interface.

D. No, you can use variables in ODI to declare lookups.

Answer: C

Q2. Identify three objects from which scenarios can be generated.

A. Interface

B. Variable

C. Package

D. Knowledge modules

E. Trail

F. Extract

Answer: ABC

Q3. Select the two correct statements about the Date Profiler.

A. It can profile string dates written in a variety of formats, such as DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY.

B. It provides a distribution for the day in the year, such as February 21, regardless of the year.

C. It allows the EDQ user to define a valid range of dates.

D. By clicking a date in blue, the user can drill down to the records that carried that value.

E. It rejects February 29 as an invalid date.

Answer: BD

Q4. Select four correct scenarios where EDQ parsing is beneficial.

A. There are separate attributes for Titles, Forenames, and Family names, but the values are not always in the right fields.

B. Names are well-structured, but the Gender field is often missing.

C. The data contains product descriptions in the string field and you need to extract the size and weight of each product.

D. Addresses are contained in a single string field and are difficult to verify.

E. Phone numbers are sometimes embedded in the customer name and address.

Answer: ACDE

Q5. Do all project developers using ODI need to consolidate their own local metadata repositories?

A. No, ODI uses a centralized relational metadata repository that all the developers share.

B. No, ODI proprietary metadata server allows all developers to share the common metadata of a specific project.

C. Yes, you have to invoke a dedicated web service to synchronize the metadata using the Oracle Service Bus.

D. Yes, the local metadata needs to be transmitted via FTP and synchronized with a dedicated proprietary engine, creating a common metadata model for all developers.

Answer: A


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Q6. Is it possible to manage five metadata work repositories together with ODI and a single master repository in order to have a software lifecycle generation respecting the best practices that my company uses?

A. No, every repository needs as mandatory a related separated master repository.

B. No, unless I also have live data environments because it is mandatory that the production work repository is installed on the data production server, the test work repository on the test data server and so on.

C. Yes, it is possible to create separate metadata environments with work repositories, that define for instance, a current level of development work repository, next level development, maintenance, production, and so on.

D. Yes, but also install a mandatory agent for every work repository and compile all its Java archives separately.

Answer: C

Q7. What is a relationship in a matching process?

A. It is how many matched records exist globally.

B. It is matching functions that determine how well two records match each other, for a given identifier.

C. It is a link between two records, created by automatic match rules and manual decisions.

D. A Relationship determines how many comparison results are interpreted during the matching process.

Answer: B

Q8. In Topology, can a query be defined to retrieve native database sequences?

A. Yes, in the technology details in the Topology submodule, there is a tab that defines queries for specific database elements.

B. Yes, but you need to specify an option in the knowledge modules of the mapping using sequences.

C. No, only the timestamp definition can be set in Topology.

D. No, the query for native sequences is defined in ODI Data Models, under ODJ Studio Designer.

Answer: A

Q9. Is it possible to define more than one physical schema associated with the same data server?

A. Yes, but you have to flag which one is the default physical schema.

B. Yes, but it is mandatory to specify a different user to log in.

C. It is possible,but it is better to avoid doing so because it is more difficult to define a logical schema this way.

D. No, ODI Topology does not allow defining more than one physical schema for a data server because the associated logical schema would be ambiguous.

Answer: A

Q10. Select the three correct options for Token Checking in the EDQ parser.

A. Checking against a list of values.

B. Checking for duplicates.

C. Checking against a list of patterns.

D. Checking for typing errors.

E. Checking against a list of regular expressions.

Answer: ABE