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2021 Jun 1z0-482 exam answers

Q21. In an ODI package, is it possible to use a tool to purge logs based on the name of the agent that executed the session?

A. No, it is only possible to purge the logs of the sessions that run in a specific period of time.

B. No, it is only possible to purge the logs of the properly ended sessions.

C. Yes, it is possible but you also need to indicate the ODI user that ran the session.

D. Yes, it is one of the parameters available to purge the log.

Answer: D

Q22. Identify two operations that can be achieved using the ODI SDK.

A. Create users

B. Create interfaces

C. Create Master and Work repositories

D. Create security profiles

Answer: BC

Q23. You are running a Scenario in a Load Plan using a Run Scenario step. This scenario contains the Interfaces. In case of failure in this Scenario, you would like to restart the Interface that failed beginning. Which Restart Type option do you need to pick for the Run Scenario step?

A. Restart from new session

B. Restart from failed step

C. Restart from failed task

D. Restart from failure

Answer: B

Q24. After invoking an Enterprise Data Quality Job from ODI, where can you monitor the detailed progress of that Job?

A. In Operator

B. In Enterprise Data Quality

C. In ODI Console

D. In Enterprise Manager

Answer: C

Q25. A. Yes, it is possible to declare it, and if the desired datatype is not in the list available, you

can also add it into a Topology datatypes definition.

B. Yes, it is possible to declare it but only if it is a standard SQL datatype.

C. Yes, it is possible but in any case, you need to forward-engineer the datatype via the JDBC driver.

D. No, datatypes are assigned by default as string variables.

Answer: A

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Q26. Select the two correct reasons that might lead you to use EDQ Transformation Processors rather than transform data in ODI.

A. EDQ is faster than ODI at performing transformations.

B. The data needs to be mapped to a coded value.

C. Some data needs to be aggregated, producing a total value from multiple rows.

D. When converting string dates, EDQ does not need all source fields to be valid dates.

E. When a standardized or derived data value is needed for matching records.

Answer: CD

Q27. Where can users edit scenarios in ODI?

A. Designer Navigator

B. Operator Navigator

C. Command line

D. Nowhere, scenarios cannot be edited

Answer: D

Q28. Identify the operation that ensures that referential integrity is maintained while loading changes detected by the ODI CDC framework.

A. Unlock Subscriber

B. Extend Window

C. Lock Subscriber

D. Purge Journal

Answer: B

Q29. One of the parameters retrieve column properties in a knowledge module is odiRef.getcolList.

What is the name of the parameter that retrieves the datatype of a mapped target column?





Answer: A

Q30. Select the correct statement. When running an interface in ODI, is it possible to see a simu- lation of the code?

A. No, that is a current limitation in ODI.

B. No, but it is possible to query the metadata repository in order to see the generated code.

C. Yes, but it is only possible to see a code simulation on ODI Console.

D. Yes, before executing the interface, it is possible to set a flag to request the code simulation.

Answer: D