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2021 Mar 200-355 test engine

Q171. Which spread spectrum technique uses 11-bit chips to transmit 1 bit of data over a 22-MHz channel? 









Q173. A client is deploying lightweight APs. Those with LAN connections to the controller would be considered what mode of deployment, while access points deployed across a higher latency connection are deployed in what mode? 

A. HREAP; Bridge 

B. Local; Bridge 

C. HREAP; Flex Connect 

D. Local; Flex Connect 




Q175. Following the deployment of a wireless network for data and voice services, an engineer is to validate the coverage. Which type of survey is required to ensure coverage? 

A. passive 

B. active 

C. fingerprinting 

D. calibrating 


Updated 200-355 exams:

Q176. Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is configuring a SSID to utilize the management interface on the WLC. The management interface is configured with an untagged VLAN in the wireless controller interface settings. The controller is connected to a neighboring switch via the interface shown in the diagram. 

Which VLAN will traffic coming from the newly created SSID use to traverse the wired network? 

A. 1 

B. 20 

C. 44 

D. 50 


Q177. Refer to the exhibit. A customer is using central web authentication with a Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller and Cisco Identity Services Engine. An error occurs when wireless clients are redirected to the hosted splash page. What is causing the client error? 

A. Secure Web Mode is disabled on the WLC. 

B. OCSP is disabled on the WLC. 

C. Management Via Dynamic Interface is disabled on the WLC. 

D. Ethernet Multicast Forwarding is enabled on the WLC. 


Q178. A network engineer in the GUI of WCS version 7 wants to add an access point to a map. Where can this command be found within the drop-down menu? 

A. Monitor > Maps 

B. Reports > Maps 

C. Monitor > Network Summary 

D. Configure > Maps 


Q179. Which two statements about the results of the Cisco WCS version 7.0 client troubleshooting tool are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Results of Layers 1 - 3 are provided. 

B. Results of only Layers 2 and 3 are provided. 

C. Results of Layers 4 - 7 are provided. 

D. The tabulated results vary depending on the client type. 

E. Results are provided in a fixed four-part tabulation. 

F. Results are provided in a fixed six-part tabulation. 

Answer: A,D 

Q180. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which antenna would produce the given radiation pattern? 

A. patch 

B. Yagi 

C. parabolic dish 

D. dipole 

E. omni-directional