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Q31. Recently a company updated their network infrastructure. A user reports that a laptop is experiencing slower network speeds since the update. Which of the following would the technician replace, rather than purchase a new device?

A. Wireless NIC



D. Hard drive

Answer: A

Q32. A technician needs to set up a VPN for a small office. To ensure the network traffic is routed to the correct machine, which of the following MUST the technician do on the router to accommodate this?

A. Port forwarding

B. Port redundancy

C. Port triggering

D. Port selection

Answer: A

Q33. The Tower of Hanoi is MOST likely configured in a system which implements:

A. a high RPM drives.

B. a tape drive.

C. an externally attached storage.

D. a RAID configuration.

Answer: B

Q34. Which of the following is a type of fiber connector?

A. RJ-11

B. F-connector



Answer: D

Q35. Which of the following are the BEST features to include in a Home Theater PC? (Select TWO).

A. Liquid Cooling

B. VGA Output

C. Dual Monitors

D. Digital Audio

E. HDMI Output

F. NFC Capability

Answer: D,E

Q36. A technician needs to boot a PC from a USB drive. Which of the following settings should be disabled to accomplish this task?

A. Fast Boot

B. UEFI Admin Password

C. Secure Boot

D. Legacy Boot

Answer: C

Q37. A technician would like to connect to a computer using remote desktop. Which of the following ports does remote desktop use by default?

A. 22

B. 443

C. 3389

D. 8080

Answer: C

Q38. Which of the following devices does a technician need to calibrate as part of an installation?

A. Mouse

B. Touch screen

C. Keyboard

D. Video card

Answer:: B

Q39. Which of the following connectors are commonly used for fiber optic cables?

A. RJ-11 and RJ-45

B. ST and LC

C. F-connectors


Answer: B

Q40. Joe, a technician, is tasked to install a new client machine. He notices the machine is not getting any network connectivity. He tests the network cable between the PC and the network jack and confirms it is good. Joe goes to the network closet and finds several network cables not connected to the switch. Which of the following tools would Joe use to

determine which cable goes back to the correct network jack?

A. Loopback plug

B. Toner probe

C. WiFi analyzer

D. Punchdown tool

Answer: B