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2021 Mar 220-901 test questions

Q51. A laptop has a network port that is not working consistently and wireless is out of range. Which of the following would the technician do to quickly get the laptop back on the wired network?

A. Use a USB to RJ-45 dongle

B. Enable Bluetooth

C. Enable NIC teaming

D. Replace the motherboard

Answer:: A

Q52. A company is converting to LCD monitors and needs to properly dispose of all CRT monitors. Which of the following is an important consideration when disposing of CRT monitors?

A. The materials within the cathode ray tube are harmful.

B. They are heavier than LCD monitors and therefore require special disposal.

C. The glass of the tube can easily break and cause serious injury.

D. The rays of the cathode can cause blindness if someone is exposed.

Answer: A

Q53. When installing multiple SCSI drives in a system, which of the following is correct?

A. All drives must have the same SCSI ID.

B. Drives will be automatically assigned an ID by the controller.

C. Drives in the same RAID array must have the same SCSI ID.

D. Each drive must have a different SCSI ID.

Answer: D

Q54. Which of the following types of device cable types are used to connect output devices such as printers and scanners?

A. Parallel




Answer: A

Q55. A customer has left a computer monitor on over the weekend and now notices slight discoloration of the screen. This is an example of:

A. a failing backlight.

B. burn in.

C. a bad inverter.

D. dead pixels.


Answer: B

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Q56. Which of the following features is an advantage of a switch over a hub?

A. A switch routes packets instead of frames to different networks.

B. A switch divides bandwidth among connected devices.

C. A switch broadcasts the data frames to every connected device.

D. A switch sends data frames to the correct connected device.

Answer: D

Q57. An office printer that was working earlier in the day is no longer printing any documents. Pre-existing workstations are manually configured to print to the printer directly over the network. A technician has started to troubleshoot the problem and determines that the printer can still be seen in the network directory. The technician has also verified that the printer can print self-diagnostic pages successfully. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?

A. The printer's IP address has changed.

B. The network print spooler service has been restarted.

C. "Perform Printer Maintenance" message is displayed on the printer’s LCD panel.

D. Two or more users sent print jobs simultaneously, causing a print collision.

Answer: A

Q58. A user is watching streaming video on a home network, but experiences buffering and delays when there are too many people on the network. Which of the following is MOST likely to resolve the issue?

A. Disable SSID broadcast

B. Setup UPnP

C. Enable QoS

D. Configure DMZ

Answer: C


You would like to build a PC for storage redundancy. Select the appropriate IDE drives and build the PC for MAXIMUM performance, while using the MINIMUM amount of drives.


Q60. Which of the following devices is BEST to use when designing a SOHO network to ensure the least amount of collisions?

A. Switch

B. Bridge

C. Hub

D. Access point

Answer: A