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New Cisco 300-115 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 9 - Question 18)

Question No: 9

Which statements about RSPAN are true? (Choose two.)

A. It supports MAC address learning.

B. RSPAN VLANs can carry RSPAN traffic only.

C. Only one RSPAN VLAN can be configured per device.

D. RSPAN VLANs are exempt from VTP pruning.

E. MAC address learning is not supported.

F. RSPAN uses are GRE tunnel to transmit captured traffic.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 10

A network is considering implementing UDLD throughout the network. Which option must the network engineer consider?

A. UDLD work at Layer 1 of the OSI model.

B. UDLD aggressively disables the port after eight failed retries to connect to neighbor.

C. UDLD is already enabled by default on all ports on Cisco switches.

D. UDLD is an IEEE standard that can be configured on non-Cisco devices.

Answer: B

Question No: 11

Which two options are advantages of deploying VTPv3? (Choose two)

A. It stores the VTP domain password securely as a SHA-1 hash

B. It adds on FCS field at the end of each VTP frame for consistency checking

C. It supports the propagation of private VLANs.

D. It supports the use of AES to encrypt VTP messaging

E. It can be configured to allow only one VTP server to make changes to the VTP domain

Answer: D,E

Question No: 12

Refer to the exhibit.

Three switches are configured for HSRP. Switch1 remains in the HSRP listen state. What is the most likely cause of this status?

A. this is normal operation

B. standby group number does not match VLAN number

C. IP addressing is incorrect

D. incorrect priority commands

E. incorrect standby timers

Answer: A

Question No: 13

Which two operational attributes can be checked for EtherChannel ports that are in err- disabled state? (Choose two.)

A. Port mode

B. Port cost

C. Duplex



Answer: A,E

Question No: 14

In a switch stack environment, what is the total bidirectional traffic flow between two logical counter-rotating paths?

A. 16 Gbps

B. 32 Gbps

C. 64 Gbps

D. 128 Gbps

Answer: B

Question No: 15

An engineer is configuring EtherChannel between two switches using PAgP. If the EtherChannel mode on

switch 1 is configured using auto, which mode on switch 2 establishes an operational EtherChannel?

A. desirable

B. passive

C. active

D. auto

Answer: A

Question No: 16

Which describes the default load balacing scheme used by the Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP)?

A. Per host using a strict priority scheme

B. Per session using a round-robin scheme

C. Per session using a strict priority scheme

D. Per GLBP group using a strict priority scheme

E. Per host basis using a round robin-scheme

F. Per GLBP group using a round-robin scheme

Answer: E

Question No: 17


VTP Domain name : cisco VLAN Ids 20 31

IP Addresses

These are your specific tasks:

1. Configure the VTP information with the distribution layer switch as the VTP server

2. Configure the VTP information with the access layer switch as a VTP client

3. Configure VLANs on the distribution layer switch

4. Configure inter-VLAN routing on the distribution layer switch

5. Specific VLAN port assignments will be made as users are added to the access layer switches in the future.

6. All VLANs and VTP configurations are to completed in the global configuration To configure the switch click on the host icon that is connected to the switch be way of a serial console cable.


Please refer to explanation below:


vtp server configuration:

switch#conf t

switch(config)#vtp mode server

switch(config)#vtp domain CISCO

switch(config)#vlan 20

switch(config)#vlan 31

switch(config)#int vlan 20

switch(if-config)#ip add

switch(if-config)#no shut

switch(if-config)#int vlan 31

switch(if-config)#ip add

switch(if-config)#no shut

switch(if-config)#exit switch#ip routing

switch#copy run start

vtp client configuration:

switch#conf t

switch(config)#vtp mode client

switch(config)#vtp domain CISCO

switch#copy run start

Alternative #1

VTP DomainDistribution VLAN Ids2031

IP Addresses172.16.16.1/24172.16.193.1/24

Alternative #12

VTP DomainDistribution

VLAN Ids3021

IP Addresses172.16.203.1/24172.16.93.1/24

Question No: 18

Which statement is true about RSTP topology changes?

A. Any change in the state of the port generates a TC BPDU.

B. Only nonedge ports moving to the forwarding state generate a TC BPDU.

C. If either an edge port or a nonedge port moves to a block state, then a TC BPDU is generated.

D. Only edge ports moving to the blocking state generate a TC BPDU.

E. Any loss of connectivity generates a TC BPDU.

Answer: B

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