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New CompTIA CAS-002 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 11 - Question 20)

New Questions 11

An Association is preparing to upgrade their firewalls at five locations around the United States. Each of the three vendoru2019s RFP responses is in-line with the security and other requirements. Which of the following should the security administrator do to ensure the firewall platform is appropriate for the Association?

A. Correlate current industry research with the RFP responses to ensure validity.

B. Create a lab environment to evaluate each of the three firewall platforms.

C. Benchmark each firewall platformu2019s capabilities and experiences with similar sized companies.

D. Develop criteria and rate each firewall platform based on information in the RFP responses.

Answer: B

New Questions 12

At 10:35 a.m. a malicious user was able to obtain a valid authentication token which allowed read/write access to the backend database of a financial company. At 10:45 a.m. the security administrator received multiple alerts from the companyu2019s statistical anomaly- based IDS about a company database administrator performing unusual transactions. At 10:55 a.m. the security administrator resets the database administratoru2019s password.

At 11:00 a.m. the security administrator is still receiving alerts from the IDS about unusual transactions from the same user. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the alerts?

A. The IDS logs are compromised.

B. The new password was compromised.

C. An input validation error has occurred.

D. A race condition has occurred.

Answer: D

New Questions 13

A systems administrator establishes a CIFS share on a Unix device to share data to windows systems. The security authentication on the windows domain is set to the highest level. Windows users are stating that they cannot authenticate to the Unix share. Which of the following settings on the Unix server is the cause of this problem?

A. Refuse LM and only accept NTLMv2

B. Accept only LM

C. Refuse NTLMv2 and accept LM

D. Accept only NTLM

Answer: A

New Questions 14

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of a major consulting firm has significantly increased the companyu2019s security posture; however, the company is still plagued by data breaches of misplaced assets. These data breaches as a result have led to the compromise of sensitive corporate and client data on at least 25 occasions. Each employee in the company is provided a laptop to perform company business. Which of the following actions can the CISO take to mitigate the breaches?

A. Reload all user laptops with full disk encryption software immediately.

B. Implement full disk encryption on all storage devices the firm owns.

C. Implement new continuous monitoring procedures.

D. Implement an open source system which allows data to be encrypted while processed.

Answer: B

New Questions 15

In a SPML exchange, which of the following BEST describes the three primary roles?

A. The Provisioning Service Target (PST) entity makes the provisioning request, the Provisioning Service Provider (PSP) responds to the PST requests, and the Provisioning Service Target (PST) performs the provisioning.

B. The Provisioning Service Provider (PSP) entity makes the provisioning request, the Provisioning Service Target (PST) responds to the PSP requests, and the Provisioning Service Provider (PSP) performs the provisioning.

C. The Request Authority (RA) entity makes the provisioning request, the Provisioning Service Target (PST) responds to the RA requests, and the Provisioning Service Provider (PSP) performs the provisioning.

D. The Request Authority (RA) entity makes the provisioning request, the Provisioning Service Provider (PSP) responds to the RA requests, and the Provisioning Service Target (PST) performs the provisioning.

Answer: D

New Questions 16

A company is preparing to upgrade its NIPS at five locations around the world. The three platforms the team plans to test, claims to have the most advanced features and lucrative pricing.

Assuming all platforms meet the functionality requirements, which of the following methods should be used to select the BEST platform?

A. Establish return on investment as the main criteria for selection.

A. B. Run a cost/benefit analysis based on the data received from the RFP.

C. Evaluate each platform based on the total cost of ownership.

D. Develop a service level agreement to ensure the selected NIPS meets all performance requirements.

Answer: C

New Questions 17

The security administrator is responsible for the confidentiality of all corporate data. The companyu2019s servers are located in a datacenter run by a different vendor. The vendor datacenter hosts servers for many different clients, all of whom have access to the datacenter. None of the racks are physically secured. Recently, the company has been the victim of several attacks involving data injection and exfiltatration. The security administrator suspects these attacks are due to several new network based attacks facilitated by having physical access to a system. Which of the following BEST describes how to adapt to the threat?

A. Apply port security to all switches, switch to SCP, and implement IPSec tunnels between devices.

B. Apply two factor authentication, require point to point VPNs, and enable log auditing on all devices.

C. Apply port security to all routers, switch to telnet, and implement point to point VPNs on all servers.

D. Apply three factor authentication, implement IPSec, and enable SNMP.

Answer: A

New Questions 18

Company ABC is planning to outsource its Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and marketing / leads management to Company XYZ.

Which of the following is the MOST important to be considered before going ahead with the service?

A. Internal auditors have approved the outsourcing arrangement.

B. Penetration testing can be performed on the externally facing web system.

C. Ensure there are security controls within the contract and the right to audit.

D. A physical site audit is performed on Company XYZu2019s management / operation.

Answer: C

New Questions 19

The helpdesk is receiving multiple calls about slow and intermittent Internet access from the finance department. The following information is compiled:

Caller 1, IP, NETMASK

Caller 2, IP, NETMASK

Caller 3, IP, NETMASK

All callers are connected to the same switch and are routed by a router with five built-in interfaces. The upstream router interfaceu2019s MAC is 00-01-42-32-ab-1a

A packet capture shows the following:

09:05:15.934840 arp reply is-at 00:01:42:32:ab:1a (00:01:42:32:ab:1a)

09:06:16.124850 arp reply is-at 00:01:42:32:ab:1a (00:01:42:32:ab:1a)

09:07:25.439811 arp reply is-at 00:01:42:32:ab:1a (00:01:42:32:ab:1a)

09:08:10.937590 IP > ICMP echo request, id 2305, seq 1,

length 65534

09:08:10.937591 IP > ICMP echo request, id 2306, seq 2,

length 65534

09:08:10.937592 IP > ICMP echo request, id 2307, seq 3,

length 65534

Which of the following is occurring on the network?

A. A man-in-the-middle attack is underway on the network.

B. An ARP flood attack is targeting at the router.

C. The default gateway is being spoofed on the network.

D. A denial of service attack is targeting at the router.

Answer: D

New Questions 20

A manager who was attending an all-day training session was overdue entering bonus and payroll information for subordinates. The manager felt the best way to get the changes entered while in training was to log into the payroll system, and then activate desktop sharing with a trusted subordinate. The manager granted the subordinate control of the desktop thereby giving the subordinate full access to the payroll system. The subordinate did not have authorization to be in the payroll system. Another employee reported the incident to the security team. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate method for dealing with this issue going forward?

A. Provide targeted security awareness training and impose termination for repeat violators.

B. Block desktop sharing and web conferencing applications and enable use only with approval.

C. Actively monitor the data traffic for each employee using desktop sharing or web conferencing applications.

D. Permanently block desktop sharing and web conferencing applications and do not allow its use at the company.

Answer: A

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