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2021 Jun 1Z0-417 pdf exam

Q11. Which two statements are true about Automatic Statistics collection by the Optimizer? 

A. Statistics are collected during automatic maintenance tasks. 

B. Any fixed objects are disregarded. 

C. Any external tables are incorporated. 

D. All tables in the data dictionary are included by defaults. 

E. Statistics are gathered after table statistics are marked stale. 

Answer: A,E 


Q12. In which two formats does Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) provide statistics? 

A. Persistent 

B. Temporary 

C. Unlimited 

D. Basic 

E. Full 

Answer: A,B 


Q13. Which statement is true about implementation of an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution? 

A. It is available for Oracle Database Standard and Enterprise Editions. 

B. It is applicable for Oracle Database 12c and later versions. 

C. It builds on capabilities built into Oracle databases. 

D. It is recommended for Production environments, but not for Development or QA. 

E. It is delivered with Oracle Engineered Systems. 

Answer: E 

Q14. A customer not familiar with Active Session History (ASH) asked you what it was used for. Which are two statements you can use to accurately describe (ASH) capabilities? 

A. It enables you to conduct performance analysis of long-running sessions. 

B. It enables you to conduct performance analysis of transient issues. 

C. In memory, active sessions are sampled every second. 

D. It accesses database kernel structures indirectly via the buffer cache. 

E. It enables you to look at all database sessions since the database was created. 

Answer: A,C 


Q15. Which are two characteristics of “invisible” index functionality that would help tune a database having thousands of legacy indexes? 

A. An invisible index is ignored by the optimizer. 

B. After an index becomes invisible, it is no longer maintained during insertsand updates. 

C. I/O bottlenecks are easy to spot when invisible indexes are used. 

D. An index only needs to be rebuilt for it to be visible again. 

E. The session or system parameter needs to be changed toOPTIMIZER_USE_INVISIBLE_INDEXEStoTRUEfor an invisible index to become visible to the Optimizer. 

Answer: A,E 

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Q16. SQL Access Advisor takes database workload as input and recommends adding various access structures. Which three does it consider the impact of adding when it generates recommendations? 

A. Materialized views 

B. Indexes 

C. Partitions 

D. Tablespaces 

E. V$ performance views 

F. Hints 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q17. Which are two kinds of statistics collected and processed by the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) you would utilize when tuning an Oracle Database instance? 

A. Wait Event statistics 

B. Session and System statistics 

C. User privileges statistics 

D. Standby Database throughput statistics 

E. Interconnect statistics 

Answer: A,D 


Q18. Which issue can be avoided by configuring the PCTFREE parameter? 

A. row chaining and setting it has been superseded by Automatic Segment Space Management 

B. table fragmentation, and has been superseded by Automatic Storage Management 

C. column fragmentation 

D. sort operations on disk 

E. keeping a reserve area for backup 

Answer: A 

Q19. Select two scenarios that an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution implementation addresses. 

A. After migration off a legacy system, an ERP team complains that they have no ability to isolate performanceproblems in the new distributed Oracle Database architecture. 

B. An HR Team claims that it can hire staff fast enough to meet business demands. 

C. Development Team members demand that their SQL should run fast while the DBAs blame SQL as theroot of performance issues. 

D. To prepare for an upcoming code audit, developers need to review their SQL and PL/SQL code for syntaxand runtime errors. 

E. Systems and Storage teams report that over the past 12 month, it is taking 40% longer time to back up theservers with Oracle databaseson them. 

Answer: B,C 

Q20. You need to load SQL statements from a time period of optimal performance to compare against a time period that performance was reported as poor. Which functionality would you use to accomplish that task? 

A. Optimizer Statistics Comparator 

B. Dynamic Baseline Advisor 

C. Automatic Workload Repository Baselines 

D. SQL Tuning Sets 

E. Database Replay 

Answer: D