Exam Code: 1Z0-417 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Database Performance and Tuning Essentials 2015
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q41. Which is a capability that Active Session History (ASH) reports enable you to perform? 

A. Compare database performance between two periods of time, and resolve performance degradation thatmay happen from one time period to another. 

B. Analyze transient performance problems with the database that are short-lived and do not appear in theADDM analysis. 

C. Optimize the performance of data access paths by creating the proper set of materialized views,materialized view logs, and indexes for a given workload. 

D. Analyze transient performance problems that have happened in the database since it has been started. 

Answer: A 

Q42. Identify four problems automatically diagnosed by Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM). 

A. log file sizing 

B. log buffer sizing 

C. log file problematic naming 

D. Mean Time to recover (MTTR) setting 

E. undersized SGA or PGA 

F. oversized SGA or PGA 

G. Less Time to recover (LTTR) setting 

Answer: D,E,F,G 

Q43. At the IT Manager request, you are reviewing the databases that the DBA has implemented. You findSTATISTICS_LEVELconfigured asBASIC. What finding do you report back to the IT Manager? 

A. The configuration of their databases is set up to also provide timed Operating System statistics and planexecution statistics. 

B. The configuration of their databases is incorrect and should be set toNOT_TYPICAL. 

C. The configuration of their databases has disabled collection of important statistics required for OracleDatabase functionality. 

D. The configuration of their databases needs to be set toALLto enable collection of Operating System, Middleware, and storage statistics. 

Answer: C 

Q44. The IT team said that a system appeared OK based on their third-party network and systems management tool; yet customers continue to complain of database performance-related issues. Which two would you implement to find and fix the problem? 

A. Oracle Real User Experience Insight 

B. Oracle Application Testing Suite 

C. Oracle Exadata 

D. Oracle Real Application Clusters 

E. Oracle Diagnostic and Tuning Pack for Oracle Database 

Answer: D,E 

Q45. In an Active Session History report, which response is correct? 

A. 60 minutes of ASH data can be held in memory, so only 1 hour can be reported. 

B. 60 minutes of ASH data can be held in memory, but more than 1 hour can be reported. 

C. ASH data is available 24 hoursbecause AWR snapshots refresh every night. 

D. As ASH data is flushed every 60 seconds, you need to set up a snapshot withDBA_JOBSfor what you want to keep. 

Answer: A 

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Renewal 1Z0-417 question:

Q46. Which is a true statement about Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)? 

A. ADDM analyzes information in RMAN. 

B. Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) analyzes information stored in snapshots in tables of ADDM. 

C. ADDM analyzes information stored in snapshots in tables of the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR). 

D. ADDM and AWR are new features of Oracle Database 12c. 

E. APEX is required to access ADDM. 

Answer: D 

Q47. You are reviewing an Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor report. What is DB Time% a percentage of? 

A. total CPU time 

B. elapsed response time 

C. total time in database calls by all processes 

D. total time in V$ views 

E. time that users wait for the database to respond 

Answer: C 

Q48. A customer has database performance issues within their Oracle Real Application Cluster. What is the next step? 

A. Run the V$RAC script to dump all the RAC statistics and look for what has the highest metric accumulation. 

B. Use the application load testing utility to overload a copy of their application in development to flush out theissue. 

C. Turnoff RAC interconnects to isolate any network issues impacting database performance problems. 

D. Use a third-party RAC tool to identify the bad SQL and then rewrite it. 

E. Utilize the Oracle Database Performance Method to help identify and correct issue. 

Answer: E 

Q49. When planning Oracle Database Architecture, which option can be used to reduce the number of Oracle processes waiting in the Operating System run queue and to ensure that database CPU load is healthy? 

A. Exadata 

B. Oracle Job Scheduler 


D. Oracle Database Resource Manager 


F. Oracle Grid Control 

Answer: D 

Reference: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/performance/resource-manager-twp-133705.pdf 

Q50. A customer seeks capability to measure and test database performance before and after application changes. Which would you implement to meet that requirement? 

A. Oracle Performance Analyzer 

B. Oracle Application Performance Analyzer 

C. Oracle Real Application Testing 

D. Oracle SQL Developer 

E. Oracle Spatial and Graph 

Answer: E