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Q451. You need to verify that your system has enough resources to handle the volume of accounts that would be generated by the summary account template. The template has been designed as follows: 


The first segment is company, which has ten values. 

The second segment is division, which is represented by the rollup group region. It has six parent values. The last segment is account, which has 500 values. 

How many summary accounts would be generated by the template? 

A. 60 

B. 500 

C. 3,000 

D. 5,000 

E. 30,000 

Answer: E

Q452. Identify three key benefits of Oracle Workflow in Oracle E-Business Suite elease 12. (Choose three.) 

A. Sends collection notices to customers 

B. Provides self-service monitoring capabilities 

C. Enable automatic routing of business documents 

D. Delivers notifications and reminders of work to be done 

E. Automatically generates asset keys using asset key generator workflow 

F. Automatically creates purchase orders from self-service Web applications 

Answer: BCD

Q453. wants to define a consolidation process for its enterprise. 

It has two sets of books: set of books A and Set of Books B. 

Both sets of books will be defined in Oracle General Ledger. 

Set of books A will have three companies with the same chart of accounts as set of books B. 

Set of books A will have USD as its currency. 

Set of books B will have four companies with the same chart of accounts and different calendar as set of books A. 

Set of books B will have GPD as its currency. 

Which consolidation method would you recommend? 

A. Interface Data Transformer 

B. Global Consolidation System 

C. Financial Statement Generator 

D. Global Intercompany System 

E. Applications Desktop Integrator 

Answer: B

Q454. AutoAccounting automatically generates accounting flexfields for Receivables transactions. 

Identify four accounts generated by AutoAccounting. (Choose four.) 

A. Tax 

B. Freight 

C. Payable 

D. Discount 

E. Revenue 

F. Receivable 

Answer: ABEF

Q455. The GL user entered a taxable journal and posted it. Later the user realizes that he entered a wrong tax code. What should he do? 

A. delete the journal and re-enter it 

B. modify the tax code at the line level 

C. enter another journal with the difference in the tax amount 

D. reverse and re-enter the journal 

E. unpost the journal and re-enter it 

Answer: D

Q456. To manually enter tax details for an item, freight, miscellaneous, or prepayment lines, you must complete seven fields. Name three. (Choose three.) 

A. industry 

B. tax amount 

C. tax regime 

D. commodity 

E. supplier site 

Answer: BCE

Q457. Which three reports can be used to reconcile Payables activities to General Ledger? (Choose three.) 

A. Supplier Payment Report 

B. Posted Payments Report 

C. Cash Clearing Account Report 

D. Accounts Payable Trial Balance Report 

E. General Ledger Account Analysis Report 

Answer: BDE

Q458. After you define a credit analyst, you can modify any of the analyst's information, except _____. 

A. Employee and group 

B. Employee and username 

C. Organization and territory 

D. Cost center and employee 

E. Username and organization 

F. Group and group member role 

Answer: B

Q459. The Accounting Flexfield of ABC Corporation is: Company. Department. Account. Cost Center. Identify four correct statements. (Choose four.) 

A. Company is a segment in the combination. 

B. The account code combination is a Key Flexfield. 

C. The account code combination is identified by a structure. 

D. The account code combination is a Key Flexfield as well as a Descriptive Flexfield. 

E. The Flexfield appears on your form as a two-character-wide text field with brackets [ ] as its prompt. 

F. Existing values for the Accounting Flexfield appear as a concatenated value having segment separators. 

Answer: ABCF

Q460., the GL accountant, is preparing a PowerPoint presentation for the accounting staff to explain the steps for creating mass allocation journal entries. Which five steps should Tess include in his presentation? (Choose five .) 

A. freeze accounting flexfield 

B. validate mass allocation definition 

C. create mass allocation definition 

D. post journal entries 

E. generate mass allocation journals 

F. review journal entries 

G. validate cross-validation rules 

Answer: BCDEF