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Q431. Several fields are required during manual invoice entry. Which are the fields required at the header level? 

A. Date, customer, source, type, GL date, legal entity 

B. Date, legal entity, bill-to, source, type, class, remit-to 

C. Terms, date, bill-to, source, legal entity, type, remit-to 

D. Date, customer, source, type, General Ledger (GL) date, class 

E. Date, source, class, type, GL date, legal entity, bill-to, terms, remit-to 

Answer: E

Q432. A user has been assigned with five Operating Units in his or her security profile. The user transacts in three of those Operating Units, the remaining two are used occasionally. The user can limit the list of values available to the three Operating Units by _____. 

A. Setting the preferred Operating Units in user preferences 

B. Setting the values for the MO: Operating Unit at the user level profile option 

C. Setting the values for the MO: Default Operating Units at the user level profile option 

D. Requesting the system administrator, to update the Operating Units in the security profile 

E. Requesting the system administrator to set up MO: Default Operating Unit for the responsibility 

Answer: A

Q433. ABC Inc. is in the process of consolidating the financial data entry functions. There are three divisions: A, B, and C. They are defined as three separate Operating Units that share a Legal Entity and a Business Group. 

To meet your client's requirement, you perform these actions: 

1.Create a standard security profile and assign it to the three Operating Units. 

2.Consolidate responsibilities and assign the MO:Security Profile option with the security profile created. 

3.Run the Security List Maintenance program. 

4.Create a global security profile and assign it to the three Operating Units. 

Select the sequence of steps to be performed. 

A. 1, 2, 4 

B. 4, 2, 3 

C. 4, 3, 2 

D. 1, 2, 3 

E. 1, 3, 2 

Answer: E

Q434. Identify three profile options that affect the integration of Oracle Receivables with other Oracle applications. (Choose three.) 

A. OM: Item Flexfield 

B. EB Tax: Inventory Item for Freight 

C. AR: Application GL Date Default 

D. EB Tax: Invoice Freight as Revenue 

E. AR: Change Customer on Transaction 

Answer: ABD

Q435. The GL accountant has defined the budget and wants the assistant accountants to enter and update the budget. The GL accountant wants this budget to be the default. What would be your response? 

A. If the client wants to do this, the budget status must be open. 

B. If the client wants to do this, the budget status must be current. 

C. The Oracle General Ledger budget functionality cannot satisfy this requirement. 

D. If the client wants to do this, customization of Oracle Workflow is the only option. 

Answer: B

Q436. There are five major business functions that occur sequentially during the natural flow of the Payables processes. Consider this list of five steps: 

1. Invoice Payment 

2. Invoice Validation 

3. Invoice and Payment Accounting 

4. Supplier Entry 

5. Invoice Import/Entry 

What is the order in which these steps must be performed? 

A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 

B. 4, 5, 2, 1, 3 

C. 5, 3, 1, 2, 4 

D. 3, 1, 4, 2, 5 

E. 4, 2, 5, 1, 3 

Answer: B

Q437. ABC.com has offices around the world, spread across different legal entities. ABC.com is implementing Oracle General Ledger. Its accounting department wants to know how to reduce the burden of elimination entries. What do you recommend? 

A. Summary Journals 

B. ADI Journals 

C. Intercompany Journals 

D. Recurring Journals 

E. Mass Allocation 

Answer: D

Q438. ABC.com has many business units set up as company values in the Company (Balancing) segment for three sets of books: Canada, U.S. and Brazil. The sets of books share a common chart of accounts (COA) structure. The COA structure also has an Intercompany segment (with Intercompany Qualifier) that uses the same value set as the Company segment. Which three options will best use GL Intercompany functionality, given the multiple sets of books that share a common COA? (Choose three.) 

A. Enable security for the Company segment, and define appropriate security rules, and assign them to the responsibility for each set of books. 

B. Enable the profile option that automatically creates intercompany accounting across sets of books. 

C. Enable the Balance Intercompany Journal option when defining each set of books. 

D. Create a clearing company for each set of books to handle many-to-many intercompany accounting in each set of books. 

E. Enable security for the Company and Intercompany segments, and define appropriate security rules, and assign them to the responsibility for each set of books. 

Answer: ACD

Q439. Identify four interface tables that are available in Oracle Payables. (Choose four.) 

A. Payables Open Interface 

B. Suppliers Open Interface 

C. Payables PCard Interface 

D. Payables Payments Interface 

E. Payables PO Matching Interface 

F. Payables Invoice Open Interface 

Answer: ABCE

Q440. Identify three regions in Daily Business Intelligence. (Choose three.) 

A. Link 

B. Menu 

C. Folder 

D. Report 

E. Parameter 

F. Key Performance Indicator 

Answer: AEF