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Q111. A Blanket Purchase Agreement Is created with the following cumulative price break: 

Quantity > 0: Unit Price = $5 

Quantity > 20: Unit Price = $4 

Single line, single distribution releases are created as follows: 

Release# 1 with quantity 15 

Release# 2 with quantity 10 

What are the unit price values on the releases? 

A. Release1 $5, Release2 $5 

B. Release1 $4, Release2 $4 

C. Release1 $5, Release2 $4 

D. It depends on the price tolerance for the line. 

E. Release1 $5, Release2 $4 for a quantity of 5 and $5 for a quantity of 5 


Q112. Select three statements that are true regarding the clearing account. (Choose three.) 

A. An asset clearing account can also be used as a project clearing account. 

B. You can have a maximum of one asset clearing account per asset category. 

C. For each payables document you create, you can have a separate cash clearing account. 

D. You can use Cash in Transit report in cash management only if cash clearing account and cash account are separate. 

E. You use a separate cash clearing account and cash account to have visibility of the Cash in Transit on the balance sheet. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q113. Company X is a global company with operations in three regions: North America, Europe, and Asia. Each region has a separate business group, and one legal entity attached to each business group. North America has two operating units (OU) and the other two regions (Europe and Asia) have one OU each. Identify two correct statements regarding purchasing document approval and routing processes. (Choose two.) 

A. All three regions must share the same approval hierarchy. 

B. North America can have two sets of Approval Groups, one for each OU. 

C. North America can have only one set of Approval Groups to share across each OU. 

D. Each region can have a different type of hierarchy: Employee/Supervisor or Position Hierarchy. 

E. Each region can have a different approval hierarchy, but all three regions must use the same type of hierarchy: Employee/Supervisor or Position Hierarchy. 

Answer: B,D 

Q114. When you enter a receipt; you first use the Find Expected Receipts window to locate the source document for the receipt. 

Select four valid source documents for a receipt. (Choose four.) 

A. An approved internal requisition line 

B. An intransit shipment within your Inventory 

C. A shipment from a supplier based on a purchase order 

D. A move order from Inventory for material storage relocation 

E. A return from a customer based on a return material authorization (RMA) 

F. A shipment from inventory backed by an internal safes order generated by an internal requisition 

Answer: B,C,E,F 

Q115. Price Tolerance (%) on the Purchasing Options Control section refers to the percentage by which . 

A. the purchase order line price cannot exceed a price quote 

B. the invoice price cannot exceed the purchase order line price 

C. the purchase order line price cannot exceed the blanket amount 

D. the supplier catalog price cannot exceed purchase order line price 

E. the purchase order line price cannot exceed the requisition line price 


Q116. Which data is received by Oracle Bill of Materials from Oracle Inventory? 

A. ATP supply only 

B. item information only 

C. on-hand quantity only 

D. item information and units of measure 

E. units of measure and on-hand quantity 


Q117. There are four tabbed regions In the Supplier Item Catalog window (Negotiated Sources, Prior Purchases, Sourcing Rules, and Requisition Templates), but function security can be used to determine whether a user will be able to see all of them. 

In release R12, where is the requisition setup option that determines which of the tabbed regions is the default? 

A. in the Profile Options setup 

B. in the Lookup Codes setup 

C. in the Document Types setup 

D. in the Purchasing Options setup 

E. in the Expense Account Rules setup 

F. in the Requisition Preferences setup 


Q118. Identify two correct statements related to Key Performance Indicators and the KPI region in Daily Business Intelligence. (Choose two.) 

A. can be of table format only 

B. can be configured for each dashboard 

C. organizes data into reporting hierarchies 

D. is a strategic business factor that is used for reporting 

E. contains a unique set of graphical information on a dashboard 

Answer: B,D 

Q119. The Account Alias Name flexfield cannot exceed   characters. 

A. 20 

B. 15 

C. 25 

D. 30 

E. 45 

F. 180 


Q120. How many distinct ABC Compile Names can exist at a given time in an inventory organization? 

A. an unlimited number of names 

B. only one for each subinventory 

C. only one per inventory organization 

D. one for each subinventory and one for each inventory organization