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Q101. A server is reconfigured and has a number of software applications added and some new scripts. They do NOT execute properly at boot. The messages at boot time indicate that SMF considers the repository corrupt. You decide to restore the SMF database file from last night's backup. 

Which file needs to be restored from the backup? 

A. /etc/svc/config/repository.db 

B. /etc/svc/repository.db 

C. /etc/repository.db 

D. /etc/svc/svc_repository.db 


Q102. Youe created several ZFS file systems as listed: 

The /data/temporary file system is no longer needed.  Which command would you use to remove this ZFS file system? 

A. umount /data/temporary; zfs destroy temporary 

B. zpool destroy data/temporary 

C. zfs destroy data/temporary 

D. umount /data/temporary; newfs /data/temporary 


Q103. Click the Exhibit button. 

Given the system logging messages, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The SSH server is not running after booting. 

B. The SSH service tried to start just one time. 

C. The SSH service encountered errors while starting. 

D. The LP print service is running successfully after booting. 

E. The SSH and LP services have the same reason for not starting. 

Answer: A,C 

Q104. You bring down a SPARC-based system to run level 0. Now you need to create a customized device alias for one of the disks. Which OBP command will allow the selection of a device path and later insert it into the command line that creates the new device alias? 

A. devalias 

B. show-devs 

C. show-disks 

D. find-device 


Q105. The print service under the control of SMF needs to be taken offline. Before the print service is taken offline, a check must be made to see what other services depend on this service. 

Which command displays these dependencies? 

A. svcs -a 

B. svcs -v 

C. svcs -D 

D. svcs -X 


Q106. Given: 

Which two are compatible FMRI formats to control rlogin service? (Choose two.) 

A. rlogin 

B. rlogin:login 

C. network/rlogin 

D. svcs:/network/login 

E. /network/login:rlogin 

Answer: A,E 

Q107. Your x86-based system with Solaris 10 OS installed on it is not booting correctly. You think the problem might be that a BIOS setting is not correctly configured. 

What should you do to abort the boot process and reboot into the BIOS configuration menu? 

A. You press the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys and reboot the system, or press the reset button. When the screen tells indicates the key to enter the BIOS, you press it and examine your BIOS settings. 

B. You press the middle mouse button. When the screen times out, you enter the BIOS configuration menu and examine the BIOS settings. 

C. You press the Stop-A keys then type reset-all. You reboot directly into the BIOS configuration menu and examine the BIOS settings. 

D. While holding down the reset button, you power cycle the system. 


Q108. You just installed Solaris on your x86 server and you cannot get your system to boot to the Solaris 10 OS. When rebooting, you get three options in the GRUB menu: 

Which option can you use to fix the problem? 

A. The boot device priority is fine, your hard drive must be faulty or the boot block is missing. Boot to CDROM, open a shell and run fsck on the Hard Disk. 

B. Change the boot device priority so that the CDROM is the third boot device and the HARD DISK is second. 

C. Make the First boot device = LAN, Second boot device= CDROM, Third boot device = HARD DISK, remove the fourth boot device. 

D. You did not set the fdisk boot partition to ACTIVE and the system cannot boot to the hard disk. Boot from CDROM, open a shell and use fdisk to set the partition to ACTIVE. 

E. The GRUB menu is not correct and Solaris is not pointing to the hard disk that you installed the Solaris OS on. Edit the GRUB menu and. The GRUB menu is not correct and Solaris is not pointing to the hard disk that you have installed the Solaris OS on. Edit the GRUB menu and modify the default boot device so that it points to the correct boot drive. 


Q109. An update to the security policy for the company states that trusting hosts and any users is no longer allowed. 

Which two files need to be deleted to comply with this requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. $HOME/.rhosts 

B. /etc/hosts.equiv 

C. /etc/.rhosts 

D. $HOME/hosts.equiv 

Answer: A,B 

Q110. Click the Exhibit button. 

You receive a complaint from a user who is unable to use the SSH service to access the user's lab system. You use a serial line to get in and check the SSH service. The svcs output is shown in the exhibit. 

What has caused the disruption of the SSH service? 

A. There is no "next state" defined. 

B. One of the dependencies has NOT been met. 

C. The contract_id is missing. 

D. The service is disabled.