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Q81. You have applications that have frequently executed queries, and produce small and static result sets.

You configure the sqlnet.ora file in the client machine to set a nonzero value for the OCI_RESULT_CACHE_MAX_SIZE parameter.

What is the purpose of this configuration?

A. to avoid round trips to the server by enabling caching of query results in client memory

B. to improve performance by storing a copy of the data from the private SQL area of the PGA

C. to enhance the query performance by creating a cache in the client memory for sorting operations

D. to avoid the storing of query plans and results in the server by creating a cache in the client memory

Answer: A

Q82. Evaluate the following code:

SQL>VARIABLE task_name VARCHAR2(255);

SQL>VARIABLE sql_stmt VARCHAR2(4000);


:sql_stmt := 'SELECT COUNT(*) FROM customers

WHERE cust_state_province =''CA'''

:task_name := 'MY_QUICKTUNE_TASK'



What is the outcome of this block of code?

A. It creates a task and workload, and executes the task.

B. It creates a task and workload but does not execute the task.

C. It produces an error because a template has not been created.

D. It produces an error because the SQL Tuning Set has not been created.

Answer: A

Q83. You issued the following command on the temporary tablespace LMTEMP in your database:


Which requirement must be fulfilled for this command to succeed?

A. The tablespace must be locally managed.

B. The tablespace must have only one temp file.

C. The tablespace must be made nondefault and offline.

D. The tablespace can remain as the default but must have no active sort operations.

Answer: A

Q84. Your system has been upgraded from Oracle Database 10g to Oracle Database 11g. You imported SQL Tuning Sets (STS) from the previous version. After changing the OPTIMIZER_FEATURE_ENABLE parameter to and running the SQL Performance

Analyzer, you observed performance regression for a few SQL statements. 

What would you do with these SQL statements?

A. Set OPTIMIZER_USE_PLAN_BASELINES to FALSE to prevent the use of regressed plans.

B. Capture the plans from the previous version using STS and then load them into the stored outline.

C. Capture the plans from the previous version using STS and then load them into SQL Management Base (SMB).

D. Set OPTIMIZER_CAPTURE_SQL_PLAN_BASELINES to FALSE to prevent the plans from being loaded to the SQL plan baseline.

Answer: C

Q85. When executing a SQL workload, you choose to generate execution plans only, without collecting execution statistics. 

Which two statements describe the implications of this? (Choose two.)

A. It produces less accurate results of the comparison analysis.

B. It automatically calls the SQL Tuning Advisor for recommendations.

C. It shortens the time of execution and reduces the impact on system resources.

D. Only the changes in the execution plan, and not performance regression, are detected.

Answer: AC

Q86. Which statements are true regarding the system-defined moving window baseline in Oracle Database 11g? (Choose all that apply.)

A. It does not allow you to change the moving window size.

B. Adaptive threshold functionalities use it by default to compute statistics.

C. It is created by default with the window size being equal to the AWR retention time.

D. It is created when the first snapshot is collected by the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR).

Answer: BC

Q87. View the Exhibit.

Examine the following command that is executed for the TRANSPORT table in the SH schema:

SQL> SELECT DBMS_STATS.CREATE_EXTENDED_STATS('sh', 'customers_obe', '(country_id,

cust_state_province)') FROM dual;

Which statement describes the significance of this command?

A. It collects statistics into the pending area in the data dictionary.

B. It creates a virtual hidden column in the CUSTOMERS_OBE table.

C. It collects statistics with AUTO_SAMPLE_SIZE for ESTIMATE_PERCENT.

D. It creates a histogram to hold skewed information about the data in the columns.

Answer: B

Q88. Which statements are true regarding system-partitioned tables? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Only a single partitioning key column can be specified.

B. All DML statements must use partition-extended syntax.

C. The same physical attributes must be specified for each partition.

D. Unique local indexes cannot be created on a system-partitioned table.

E. Traditional partition pruning and partitionwise joins are not supported on these tables.

Answer: DE

Q89. Evaluate the following statements:

CREATE TABLE purchase_orders

(po_id NUMBER(4),

po_date TIMESTAMP,

supplier_id NUMBER(6),

po_total NUMBER(8,2),



(PARTITION Q1 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE(?1-apr-2007?d-mon-yyyy?), PARTITION Q2 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE(?1-jul-2007?d-mon-yyyy?), PARTITION Q3 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE(?1-oct -2007?d-mon-yyyy?), PARTITION Q4 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE(?1-jan-2008?d-mon-yyyy?)); CREATE TABLE purchase_order_items

(po_id NUMBER(4) NOT NULL,

product_id NUMBER(6) NOT NULL,

unit_price NUMBER(8,2),

quantity NUMBER(8),

CONSTRAINT po_items_fk

FOREIGN KEY (po_id) REFERENCES purchase_orders(po_id)) PARTITION BY REFERENCE(po_items_fk);

What are the two consequences of the above statements? (Choose two.)

A. Partitions of PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEMS have system-generated names.

B. Both PURCHASE_ORDERS and PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEMS tables are created with four partitions each.

C. Partitions of the PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEMS table exist in the same tablespaces as the partitions of the PURCHASE_ORDERS table.

D. The PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEMS table inherits the partitioning key from the parent table by automatically duplicating the key columns.

E. Partition maintenance operations performed on the PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEMS table are automatically reflected in the PURCHASE_ORDERS table.

Answer: BC

Q90. Which steps are mandatory to enable Direct NFS?

1. Mount all required file systems using the kernel NFS driver.

2. Create an oranfstab file containing the attributes for each NFS server to be accessed using Direct NFS.

3. Replace the ODM library libodm11.so_stub with libodm11.so.

A. 2 and 3

B. 1 and 3

C. 1 and 2

D. 1, 2 and 3

Answer: B