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Q91. Which of the following technologies is responsible for communication with the CPU?


B. PCI express

C. Southbridge

D. Northbridge

Answer: D

Q92. A technician has been tasked with setting up email on a user’s phone. The user also wants the email to remain on the server. Which of the following ports would be BEST for setting up the phone?

A. 80

B. 110

C. 143

D. 443

Answer: C

Q93. A technician is installing Hyper-V and is getting an error that the software is not able to be installed. Which of the following processor characteristics should be checked?

A. Cache size

B. Virtualization support

C. Number of cores

D. Hyperthreading

Answer: B

Q94. The OSD of a monitor indicates the proper video source is selected, but no image is displayed. Which of the following issues are the MOST likely reasons? (Select TWO).

A. The source cable is disconnected

B. The monitor’s brightness is set too low

C. The backlighting of the monitor is faulty

D. The monitor’s contrast is set too high

E. No device is sending source video

Answer: A,E

Q95. Users have started calling the helpdesk reporting they cannot access resources on the network or the Internet. A technician has verified all hardware connections are operational. Which of the following settings should the technician check NEXT on the router?





Answer: C


Place the appropriate token next to each graphic


Q97. Joe, a customer, requests that the desktop system he is buying is able to be used at his vacation home in another country, as well as his regular home. The technician is aware that the country mentioned has different power requirements. Which of the following should the technician ensure the desktop contains?

A. Dual voltage options


C. Inverter

D. Micro-ATX connector

Answer: A

Q98. A technician cannot communicate with one particular IP address and needs to narrow down where the traffic is stopping. Which of the following commands would be used to determine this?

A. nslookup

B. ipconfig

C. nbtstat

D. ping

E. tracert

Answer: E

Q99. A technician is notified that a laptop is not booting. It is discovered that there are no system lights, sounds, or display when the power button is pressed. Which of the following should the technician attempt FIRST in the troubleshooting process?

A. Connect an external monitor into the laptop to determine if the LCD has failed.

B. Boot the system from either a boot CD or other removable media type.

C. Disconnect the AC and battery power and hold the power button for several seconds.

D. Remove any hard drives or optical drives, RAM, and any wireless cards or USB devices from the laptop.

Answer: C

Q100. After a technician installs a video card, which of the following should the technician configure NEXT?

A. Resolution

B. Colors

C. Dots per inch

D. Refresh rate

Answer: A