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Q51. Data permission is set up through Tree-based security. You have created a new effective-dated department security tree.

Which batch process would you execute?

A. Department Activation

B. Refresh SJT_OPR_CLS


D. Refresh Trans_SJT_tables

E. Nightly_SJT_Refresh_Process

F. Refresh tree using Tree Manager

Answer: C  

Q52. On the Add a Person page in PeopleSoft HCM 9.0, you can input all information about a person EXCEPT for these four details: _____. (Choose four.)

A. Ethnic Group

B. Bank Account

C. Military Status

D. Badge Number

E. Smoker History

F. Emergency Contact

G. Driver License Number

Answer: BDFG  

Q53. The employee #1234 current row in Job Data has an effective date of 01/01/07. You need to insert a row with an effective date of 01/01/08 and a newly created Action/ActionReason code.

Which three dates can the new Action/Action Reason code be set up in order for the new row to be inserted in Job Data? (Choose three.)

A. 12/31/08

B. 01/01/07

C. 07/01/08

D. 07/01/07

E. 01/01/08

Answer: BDE  

Q54. PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 supports configuration for many countries. On the Installation Table you will see a tab labeled Country Specific. There is a link labeled Installed Countries.

Choose four countries that are supported by PeopleSoft. (Choose four.)

A. India

B. Brazil

C. China

D. Japan

E. Russia

F. Pakistan

Answer: ABCD  

Q55. View the Exhibit of the Department Security tree. Using the Row Security Permission List, the operator is granted access to department 13000. How would you restrict access to department 21000 for this operator?

A. Run the Refresh SJT_CLASS_ALL process.

B. Inactivate the department in the department table.

C. Remove the department from the department tree.

D. Assign this department "No Access" in the Security by Permission List.

E. You do not need to do anything because the employee was granted access to department 13000.

F. Assign this department the Access code value of "No Access" in the Security by Department Tree page.

Answer: F  

Q56. Inserting a row into an effective-dated table causes the existing data on the prior row to be _____.

A. deleted from the table

B. copied to the new row

C. moved to an archive table

D. available only in Correction mode

E. available only in Update/Display mode

F. overwritten by the values of the new inserted row

Answer: B  

Q57. Select three tables that use SetID as the highest key. (Choose three.)

A. Location

B. Job Code

C. Company

D. Department

E. Business Unit

F. Establishment

Answer: ABD  

Q58. Which three fields can be set up to default from the Department table? (Choose three.)

A. Location

B. Company

C. Salary Plan

D. Business Unit

E. Holiday Schedule

F. Tax Location for North America Payroll

Answer: ABF  

Q59. You are setting up Human Resources for your customer. You have a table sequence to follow for your implementation.

Choose the correct sequence of tables.

A. TableSet ID, Installation, Company Table, Business Unit, TableSet Control

B. TableSet ID, TableSet Control, Installation, Company Table, Business Unit

C. Installation Table, Company Table, TableSet ID, Business Unit, TableSet Control

D. Installation Table, Business Unit, Company Table, TableSet ID, TableSet Control

E. Installation Table, TableSet ID, TableSet Control, Company Table, Business Unit

Answer: C  

Q60. Choose the best definition of historical rows in Peoplesoft's Human Resources System.

A. All the rows that have an effective status of inactive.

B. All the rows with an effective date less than the current row's effective date.

C. The row that has the highest effective date, less than or equal to the system date.

D. All the rows with an effective date less than the system date and with an action of terminated.

Answer: B