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Q11. What is the maximum number of Drive Enclosures (DEs) in one FS1-2 system with performance controller? 

A. 5 

B. 20 

C. 30 

D. 60 


Q12. The storage administrator has installed an FS1 Storage System and would like to change the system name and provide a brief description. Which option should the storage administrator modify? 

A. Network Settings 

B. Asset Information 

C. System Time 

D. Security Settings 




Q13. When updating the FS1 Storage System software, which option should be selected only when directed by Oracle Support? 

A. Software Update override 

B. Upload Software Package 

C. Update software without restarting the system 

D. Schedule software update to occur at a later time 




Q14. The storage administrator needs to configure security for the FS1 iSCSI implementation. Identify the location on the Oracle FS System Manager where it can be configured. 

A. SAN > Storage > Hosts > Ports 

B. System > Global Settings > Networking 

C. System > Alerts and Events > Status Summary 

D. iSCSI changes need to be completed using the FSCLI. 


Q15. Which three report types are available when you are creating a new scheduled report? 

A. Storage Performance 

B. SAN Switch Performance 

C. SAN Hosts 

D. System Configuration 

E. Storage Allocation 

F. System Configuration Detail 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q16. What step should be performed to receive email notifications from the FS1 system? 

A. Configure email notifications routed via an email server. 

B. Configure SNMP on host. 

C. Enable Call-Home feature. 

D. Create Primary Administrator. 




Q17. The storage administrator wants to monitor and perform diagnostics on the topology of back-end SAS interconnect of an Oracle FS System. Identify which command the storage administrator should use. 

A. the FSCLI pilot command 

B. the FSCLI topology command 

C. the FSCLI profile command 

D. the FSCLI system command 


Q18. Which three options are the purpose of the FS Portal accessed on the Pilot via a browser? 

A. configuring and managing the FS1 system 

B. downloading documentation and user manuals 

C. quick viewing of system status 

D. viewing multiple FS1 systems 

E. downloading tools and utilities such as thefscliand management software 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q19. Identify the Microsoft VSS (Visual SourceSafe) technique that Data Protection Manager Uses to restore data to the source LUN. 

A. volume resync 

B. LUN resync 

C. LUN Restore 

D. volume restore 


Q20. Whatis the benefit of creating host groups? 

A. easily managing the mapping of a LUN to a logical collection of SAN hosts 

B. easily managing the grouping of logical volumes 

C. easily managing the FS1 Path Manager for a logical collection of SAN hosts 

D. easily managing the grouping of a LUN to a logical collection of SAN hosts