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2021 Aug 1Z0-429 free practice exam

Q21. In which three ways can storage administrators check for events related to the FS1? 

A. Email Alerts 


C. Event Viewer 

D. Viewing the Event Logs 

E. Viewing var/log/syslog on the Pilot 

F. Viewing var/log/dmesg on the Pilot 

Answer: A,D,F 

Q22. In which file format is the system update bundled? 

A. .rar 

B. .tar 

C. .rpm in a .zip 

D. .tgz 

Answer: D 

Q23. Identify where the storage administrator can view a default trending chart of LUN statistics such as IOPS, Throughput (Per Second), and I/O Latency (ms). 

A. the LUN Statistics and Trending Overview page 

B. the Reporting Schedules page 

C. the General Reports page 

D. the Event Notifications page 

Answer: B 

Q24. The storage administrator has SAN attached on both hosts A and B clustering tothe FS1 system. These hosts need to be assigned to the same LUNs. Which option simplifies the storage administrator’s task of associating hosts tothe LUNs? 

A. Host Group 

B. SAN Host 

C. FS1 Path Manager 

D. Associate Hosts 

Answer: C 

Q25. Which CLI tool opens a separate shell prompt? 

A. pcli.exe 

B. fscli.exe 

C. pdscli.exe 

D. FSonecli.exe 

Answer: B 

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Q26. Data Protection Manager gives you the capability to schedule backups of the application data on a regular basis. What are scheduled backups called in Data Protection Manager? 

A. checkpoints 

B. consistency groups 

C. point-in-time backups 

D. application-aware backup 

Answer: A 


Q27. What three statements are true about Storage Domains? 

A. They help to isolate data at the Disk Enclosure level to meet security or regulatory compliance. 

B. They help to optimize performance by isolating different data types that may conflict each other. 

C. They are ideal for use with multitenancy environments to ensure physical isolation. 

D. They are licensed by a number of domains. 

E. Multiple tier cannot be mixedwithin a Storage Domain. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q28. Identify the Microsoft VSS (Visual SourceSafe) technique that Data Protection Manager Uses to restore data to the source LUN. 

A. volume resync 

B. LUN resync 

C. LUN Restore 

D. volume restore 

Answer: C 

Q29. Identify three attributes that can be used to filter the event log. 

A. Date Range 

B. Severities 

C. Categories 

D. Time 

E. Source 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q30. The storage administrator is ready to perform a system update. Which action should he complete before updating the FS1 system? 

A. open an SR 

B. disconnect the Pilot management ports 

C. SSH into the Pilot 

D. FTP the software to the Pilot 

Answer: B