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2021 Jun 1Z0-430 test question

Q31. As an ADF Developer, you define a managed bean for a bounded task flow. 

Identify two valid scopes for that managed bean. 

A. BackingBean Scope 

B. View Scope 

C. ManagedBean Scope 

D. ServerBean Scope 

Answer: B,D 

Q32. What are the three ways to integrate and interact with WebCenter Content from WebCenter Portal? 

A. wikis and blogs 

B. discussions 

C. the Content Presenter 

D. polls and surveys 

E. the Document Library 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q33. What component should you use to display recent blog posts in a Portal? 

A. Recent Documents 

B. Recent Posts 

C. Lists 

D. Blog Viewer 

Answer: B 


Q34. Where is the information related to a user-customized view of a page in a portal stored? 

A. Content Repository 

B. Metadata Repository 

C. in the Temp file area of each deployed instance 

D. in the user’s browser cache 

Answer: B 


Q35. To create a new Page Template, you go to the Portal Builder Administration page and click Shared Assets. You then select an existing Page Template, click the Copy button and define a new name. 

Identify three options that describe what the next steps could be, to customize the new page template and enable it for use. 

A. You can download the page template, edit in JDeveloper, and upload it back to the portal. 

B. You can connect JDeveloper to the Portal, import the new template into JDeveloper, edit and export it back to the portal. 

C. You can edit the template source code from the Portal interface, and make the necessary changes to it. 

D. You can download the page template to JDeveloper, and deploy the custom version as a WAR file using WSLT. 

Answer: A,C,D 


1Z0-430  exam guide

Abreast of the times 1Z0-430 practice question:

Q36. Which three steps are needed for using custom task flows with business components in multiple portals? 

A. Create the task flow in each portal. 

B. Create the task flow once in JDeveloper. 

C. Deploy it once as a portal shared library to WebCenter Portal server. 

D. Import the task flow in each portal. 

E. Add the task flow to the desired resource catalogs. 

F. Download and update portal MDS (metadata data services) customizations for each portal. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q37. You take a backup of a portal and then delete it.Another administrator then creates a new portal with same name as the portal you deleted. If you attempt to re-import the original 

portal that was backed up, what happens? 

A. The portal is imported, overwriting the portal with the same name in the target. 

B. There is a conflict warning, but you can override it and then import the portal. 

C. The portal is renamed post import. 

D. The portal cannot be imported. 

Answer: A 

Q38. Portal Server A has custom page templates and page styles deployed as shared assets. One of the page templates needs to be used in a different Portal Server B. 

What are the two ways in which an administrator can get this page template to Portal Server B? 

A. The administrator can download (export) the page template, save it into an archive from Portal Builder, and upload it into the target Server B using Portal Builder. 

B. The administrator can use exportWebCenterResource/importWebCenterResourse WLST commands to do this. 

C. Shared assets cannot be copied across instances. The entire WebCenter Portal Instance needs to be copied over. 

D. Download/export the page template and page style from Portal server A as an archive and deploy the archive from JDeveloper to Portal Server B. 

Answer: C,D 



Q39. Your customer has configured Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) with Oracle WebCenter Portal. The customer is complaining about the search results not including secured resources. The WebCenter Diagnostic log file indicates the below error: 

Received status “failed” during proxy login with application entity “weblogic” to Oracle SES at http://host:port/search/query/OracleSearch, as search user “vicki”. Defaulting to public. 

Which three actions are necessary to resolve the issue? 

A. Confirm that Oracle SES is configured with an identity management system to validate and authenticate users. 

B. Confirm that WebCenter Portal and Oracle SES use different identity management systems (Active Directory or Oracle Internet Directory). 

C. All repositories (such as WebCenter Portal, WebCenter Content Server, and Oracle WebCenter Portal Discussions Server) must share the same user base as Oracle SES. 

D. Oracle SES must have a trusted entity for allowing WebCenter Portal end users to be securely propagated at search time. 

Answer: B,C,D 


Q40. A custom portal template contains discussions, documents, lists, members and roles, pages, task flows, and page templates. You want to create a portal using this custom portal template. 

Which data will be included in the new portal? 

A. only task flows, page templates, discussions, documents, lists, roles and members, and pages 

B. only task flows, discussions, documents, lists, roles and members, and pages 

C. only task flows, page templates, documents, and pages 

D. only task flows, page templates, documents, and roles and members 

Answer: D