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Q11. What is the role of ADF Business Components in the development of a custom taskflow? 

A. It handles communication with data sources, such as a database and data persistence. It’s also responsible to handle data validation. 

B. In an MVC model, it represents the Controller layer, handling navigation between pages or page fragments, and session information. 

C. It’s a set of visual components aimed for business users. Graphs, Charts, and Reports are examples of Business Components. 

D. It’s a set of fa.ade classes that abstract the complexity of handling visual components in the UI layer. Users can add Business Components to the Portal page by using the drag-and-drop functionality. 




Q12. Which two key tasks can be performed in JDeveloper? 

A. Create Page Styles 

B. Deploy Assets to Portal Server 

C. Preview Portal on a mobile device 

D. Create Page Variants 

Answer: A,C 

Q13. You take a backup of a portal and then delete it.Another administrator then creates a new portal with same name as the portal you deleted. If you attempt to re-import the original 

portal that was backed up, what happens? 

A. The portal is imported, overwriting the portal with the same name in the target. 

B. There is a conflict warning, but you can override it and then import the portal. 

C. The portal is renamed post import. 

D. The portal cannot be imported. 


Q14. What three configurations have to be done to ensure that a portal can correctly display content from WebCenter Content server? 

A. OHS (Oracle HTTP Server) configured to front end both WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content 

B. WebCenter Portal and Content running on the same server 

C. an SSO (Single Sign-On) solution configured between WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content 

D. web context root set on the content repository connection 

E. WebCenter Portal and Content configured in the same WebLogic server domain 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q15. What happens when you turn on ADF skin compression? 

A. It enables ADF to shorten the names of style classes, thereby reducing the file download size. 

B. It enables ADF to compress the generated CSS files, thereby reducing the file download size. 

C. It enables ADF to use sprites instead of images for skins, thereby reducing the number of files downloaded. 

D. It enables ADF to compress the icons and images within the CSS. 




Q16. You created a portlet, and you need to get the user role inside one of the beans for the portlet. Users and roles are fetched from Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). 

Which command should you use to check the role for a particular user? 

A. RenderRequest.getUserRole() 

B. PortletRequest.getUserRole() 

C. PortletRequest.isUserInRole() 

D. RenderRequest.isUserInRole() 


Q17. After a task flow has been deployed as a new shared library, which step is required in the portal extension project to make this task flow visible from WebCenter Portal? 

A. Update only weblogic.xml. 

B. Update only MANIFEST.MF. 

C. Update both files. 

D. None, because a shared library is used. 


Q18. Identify two actions that are performed when you connect WebCenter Portal with WebCenter Content. 

A. A new folder is created in WebCenter Content, with the name of the connection. 

B. New Security Group and Accounts are created. All Portal documents use the Security Group and Accounts. 

C. The Content Presenter and other task flows are deployed to the Portal once you create the connection. 

D. Portal will start indexing WebCenter Content documents to enable full-text searching in the Portal. 

Answer: B,C 

Q19. WebCenter Portal supports any mail server with IMAP4 and SMTP protocol support. 

Which server distribution, however, has specific integration support within WebCenter Portal? 

A. IBM Lotus Notes 

B. MS Exchange 

C. UNIX Mail Server 

D. Google Mail Server 

E. Oracle Beehive 


Q20. What happens to a page if a portlet throws an exception during the render-response phase of the ADF Faces Page Request life cycle? 

A. The page renders, displaying the portlet’s configured unavailable error message. 

B. The page renders with no content displayed for the corresponding portlet. 

C. The page fails to render. 

D. The page renders, with an error recorded in a log file.