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2021 Jun 1Z0-465 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. Your customer requested that you create a new report and make it available in the agent’s navigation set. 

You create the report and add it to the agent’s navigation set. However, the agents cannot see the new report. 

Select three actions you must perform to identify the reason the report does not display for the agents. 

A. Request the agents to log off and log back on. 

B. Check the Customize Navigation Sets selection. 

C. Review the navigation set in the profile to ensure it matches the navigation set you updated. 

D. Validate the Analytics permissions set for the report 

E. Review the filters in the report to ensure the Assign field selection is set to Logged In. 

F. Verify that profile permissions in Service has a check for “Read” under Incidents. 

Answer: C,D,E 



* The staff members assigned to the profile have access to only those reports and items defined in their profile’s navigation set unless you allow staff members with that profile to customize their navigation set. 

* Navigation sets control the navigation lists and buttons that staff members see on the navigation pane of the RightNow CX Console. 

Navigation sets can be created for staff members who have any combination of responsibilities, and can be assigned to staff members in their profiles. 

Every staff member has a profile, and every profile must include a navigation set that all staff members with that profile use when they work in RightNow CX. 

A navigation set is a combination of navigation buttons and their associated navigation lists. 

Q2. Your customer has asked you to enable their system and agents to capture an order number. 

The order number field is a nine-digit alphanumeric field. 

They would also like their end customers to enter their own order number when asking a question on the customer portal pages. 

Identify three steps to establish the field. 

A. Create a custom field for Answer. 

B. Select the Interface Visibility End User – Read/Write check box. 

C. Select the Interface Visibility Marketing & Feedback to web form check box. 

D. Create a custom field for Incident. 

E. Set the data type for a custom field to Text Field. 

F. Set the data type for a custom field to Menu. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q3. Your customer has five different incidents queues: 


Tier 2 




The Help and VIP queues have the quickest response goals. 

Which two configurations will ensure that an agent’s profile pulls incidents assigned these queues first using a single agent profile? 

A. Create an agent profile to only work these two queues. 

B. Add all five queues to the agent’s profile. 

C. Add all five queues to the agent’s profile with Helper and VIP being the first two in the list. 

D. Use the First Due Pull Policy 

E. Use the Strict Priority Pull Policy 

Answer: C,E 


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Q4. Which three expressions use proper syntax? 

A. If (incidents.assgn_acct_id IS NULL, ‘Not Assigned’, 0) 

B. Date_diff(incidents.closed, incidents.created) 

C. If(incidents.assign_group_id = 100460, ‘With Support’, ‘Not with Suport’) 

D. Sum(if(incidents.status_id < > 2, 1, 0)) 

E. Avg(incidents.c&times_opened) 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q5. Which are two true statements about chat surveys? 

A. You can create a chat rule to email a transactional survey to the customer at the end of a chat. 

B. Sending a link to a survey can only be done by the agent during or at the end of chat. 

C. You can create a chat rule to pop up a transactional survey at the end of a chat. 

D. When displaying a link to a chat survey, customer information cannot be linked back to the chat. 

Answer: A,C 



* Chat Surveys Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service facilitates real-time chat sessions between your agents and customers visiting your Website. Completion of a chat session is a prime time to gather feedback measuring the effectiveness of the chat channel and to gain deeper insight into your online customer experience. Configurable chat business rules enable you to present customers with a Website link survey when the chat session is complete or when the chat is canceled (C). A transactional survey may also be e-mailed to the customer after the chat is completed instead of “popping” the survey to the screen. (A) 

* As part of the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service solution, there are at least 11 different ways to listen to your customers: transactional surveys, broadcast surveys, Website link surveys, chat surveys, voice surveys, surveys by proxy, answer feedback, site feedback, social monitor, support community, innovation community, and periodic review of incidents. 

Q6. A customer wants to change the following text on the receipt and ask submit page: 

“Thanks for submitting your question. Use this reference number for the follow up: #120728-000001 

A member of your support team will get back to you soon. 

If you need to update your question and you already have an account, log in, click the Your Account tab, and select the question to open and update it.” 

Which two actions will allow you to identify the correct message base item if you do not know which message base you need to edit? 

A. Run a message base report and search for the text string you want to change. 

B. Identify the customer portal page that includes the text you want to change and identify the message base from within the code. 

C. Look for the message in the receipt email body. 

D. Submit an incident to customer care. 

Answer: A,B 


Validated 1Z0-465 tutorials:

Q7. Your customer would like to run incident report with up to five years of data on incidents and activity for a given agent regardless of whether an agent has left the company. 

Your customer is not sure what they need to do to keep from deleting data for agents that have left the company. 

Identify which option would allow your customer to administer the staff accounts to enable the reporting abilities they require. 

A. Disabled from Assignment 

B. Disabled from Assignment and Report Filters 

C. Permanently Disabled 

D. Do not disable, but lock the staff account 

E. Reassign the old incidents to another staff accounts called Former Employee 

Answer: A 

Q8. Which three actions must be performed in order to configure cloud Monitor? 

A. Add or update navigation sets to include the Cloud Monitor navigation button and component 

B. Add or update profiles to include-Cloud Monitor permissions. 

C. Add or update profiles to include permission to add themes and Clustering. 

D. Add or update staff accounts to use profiles that include Cloud Monitor permissions. 

E. Add or update a list of favorites. 

F. Set up a Cloud Monitor search schedule. 

Answer: A,B,D 

Explanation: / Before you can monitor the social cloud to search for information related to your organization, you need to configure your application to provide access to the RightNow Cloud Monitor. 

To provide access to the RightNow Cloud Monitor it is necessary to: 

* (A) Add cloud monitor to Navigation Sets 

* (B) Add cloud monitor permission to Profiles 

Q9. You have created variables for your customer address to be used throughout their system 

What three pieces of functionality will allow the use of these variables? 

A. Answers 

B. Incidents 

C. Incident Rules 

D. Standard text 

E. Workflow 

F. Agent Scripting 

Answer: A,C,F 

Explanation: A: You can use variables when authoring answers 

C: A variable is a piece of data with a value that can change during rules processing. You define what its default, or starting, value should be. Then, based on conditions you specify, the variable can be modified by rule actions. You can also use the value of a variable as a condition of a rule. The value of the variable is temporary, existing only during the particular rules processing session. When rules processing is started the next time, the variable’s value is reset to the default value. 

Q10. Your customer is a printing company and every knowledgebase article contains the word "print. 

Which configuration will enable end customer searches to return a single knowledge article result when searching with “print”? 

A. Add “print” using the stop word editor and add “print” to only one knowledgebase article keyword 

B. Add "print" using the Stop word editor and add "print" to the alias file. 

C. Add "print" to only one knowledgebase article keyword and add "print" to a search priority word and assign multiple answers. 

D. Add "print" using the stop word editor and add "print" to a search priority word and assign one answer. 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Search Priority Words editor. This feature of Oracle RightNow Knowledge Cloud Service used to be known as the Topic Words editor in versions released before May 2010. This feature (see Figure below) is used to manually show an answer at the top of all search results when a certain search term is entered. Entering a search priority word is helpful when you are confident that you know exactly which answer a customer wants to read when that person enters a particular search term. Widely using the Search Priority Words editor is not recommended; instead, use it sparingly for special situations, such as when you have an umbrella answer.