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2021 Oct 1Z0-495 practice

Q11. Which alert is advised to be disabledwhen you are using HCM co-existencebetween Oracle PeopleSoft HCM and Oracle Fusion Compensation? 

A. Allocation exceeding target 

B. Employee termination 

C. Leave of Absence 

D. Any custom alert 

Answer: B 

31. As an implementation consultant, you are required to define the total compensation statement. You are creating the statement definitions for your compensation statement. 

Which three statements are true about the statement definitions? 

A. The statement definition acts as a template and determines the layout and content of the generated statement. 

B. The statement definition consists of compensation items added to compensation categories. 

C. Multiple legal employers, multiple countries, and multiple currencies cannot be included in one statement. 

D. Compensation items with sources belonging to different legal employers cannot be added. 

E. Reusing statement definitions by creating new statement periods and then modifying the definition for subsequent periods is not possible. 

F. Edits to compensation categories affect all statement definitions that use that category. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q12. A corporationis implementing Oracle Fusion Compensation Management. Different currencies are set at the Legislative Data Group level, the Organization payment level, the Bank accountlevel, and the payroll element level. 

The currency shown while configuring salary basis comes from whichlevel? 

A. From the input value of the payroll element 

B. From the Legislative Data Group level, because that is the highestlevelin the hierarchy 

C. From the organization payment level, because the compensation is finally paid through this 

D. From the Bank account level 

Answer: B 

Q13. A corporation implementedoracle FusionCompensation. The Fusion Consultantfollowed the approachof FusionFast Formula instead of using Dynamiccalculationin the Compensation Plan. 

Which three statements aretrue about Fusion Fast Formula? 

A. Use Fast Formulas instead of existing application code to obtain non-standard results. 

B. Fast Formulas support the business need when existing rules and parameters are adequate. 

C. Compensation start date and Compensation end date are individual Compensation Plan Formula types. 

D. Compensation default and override formula types default the value of a column of Workforce Compensation Plan. 

E. “Working Storage Area” is not one of the components of Fusion Fast Formula. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q14. Your client's compensation plan for employees includes a component that is based on years of service in the organization. If a person completes 10 years in the company, he or she willbe eligible for a seniority component and the associated fixed salary amount. What type of eligibility profileyou would need to create in order to track work experience of people? 

A. Employment-based eligibility criteria using hire date 

B. Derived-factor-based eligibility criteria using length of service 

C. User-defined-criteria-based eligibility profile using hire date 

D. Employment-based-eligibility-criteria using length of service 

Answer: C 

Q15. The Budget Pool StorageMethod selected is “Amount”.One of the line managers in the organization hastwentyemployees reporting to him. One of the employeesleaves the organizationduring the compensation cycle. 

What will be the effecton the budgetallocated to the Line Manager? 

A. The published budget change when a manager’s total eligible salary changes, such as when workers are reassigned. 

B. The published amount stay with the manager when workers are reassigned or their eligibility changes. 

C. The published budgets change when a manager’s total eligible salary changes, such as when workers eligibility changes. 

D. The published budget is always a percentage of the total budget pool. 

Answer: C

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Q16. What are the two correct options with respect to budgeting when the salary has multiple components? 

A. Budgets can be separate for each component. 

B. Budgets cannot be separate for each component. 

C. Multiple components can have a single budget. 

D. Multiple components cannot have a single budget. 

Answer: B,D 

36. Your client wants you to create a single Compensation Change statement that includes compensation awarded for multiple plans. What would you, as an implementationconsultant, advise your client? 

A. Create a Compensation Statement Plan with cross-references to compensation awarded in each plan. 

B. Create a custom data model that can pull compensation awarded from different plans and display the data using a BI publisher layout. 

C. Create a separate Change statement template for this purpose and associate it with the Statement group for which this is required. 

D. This is possible only in the on-premises model using customization and is not possible inan SaaS instance. Therefore, you would respond accordingly to the client. 

Answer: C 

Q17. As an implementationconsultant, you arerequired to define a total compensationstatement.You are creating thecompensationitems for the same.Which foursource types are available for selectionwhile creating acompensationitem for the total compensation statement? 

A. Element Entry 

B. Benefit Balance 

C. Formula 

D. Payroll Balance 

E. Deduction Range 

F. Input Value 

Answer: A,B,D,F 

Q18. Your client’seligibility criteriarequiresyou to create user-definedcriteria.While creating, you realizethat certain fields are availableto you.Upon researching you find out that only fields from thefollowing two recordsand for fields that do not belongto these recordsfast formula is required. 

Which are those two records? 

A. Compensation History 

B. Person Attributes 

C. Legislative Information 

D. AssignmentTables 

Answer: B,D 

Q19. A corporation implemented Oracle Fusion Compensation Management. A Salary Basis has been created and attached to the workers and a Compensation cycle has been run. The corporation now wants to use a different Grade rate for the salary basis. 

Which option is true? 

A. After the salary basis is associated with any worker, you cannot delete it or modify any characteristic. Therefore, a new Salary Basis must be created with a new Grade rate. 

B. A new Grade rate can be created and the Salary basis can be modified to include it. 

C. No new Grade rate can be created. 

D. The salary of an employee is based on the grade to which the employee is assigned. Therefore, nothing has to be changed at the salary basis level once it has been created. Employee data must be modified to reflect the new grade. 

Answer: A 

Q20. A corporation implemented Oracle Fusion Compensation Management. A salary bas/s has been created and attached to the employee and a compensation cycle has been run. The corporation wants to include a new component as part of the salary basis. 

Which three are predefined components? 

A. Regular and automatic adjustment 

B. Market adjustment due to salary being out of line with the market 

C. Equity adjustment to correct salary compression or inversion 

D. Adjustment due to corrections within the organization 

Answer: A,B,D