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Q111. Select the correct sequence of tasks required for period closing in Oracle General Ledger.

1. Verify that all journals are posted.

2. Close the period of each subledger.

3. Run the Trial Balance report and other month-end reports.

4. Close the period and open the next period.

5. Perform reconciliation of subsidiary ledgers.

6. Transfer and import data from all subledgers.

A. 6, 5, 2, 1, 4, 3

B. 3, 2, 1, 6, 4, 5

C. 6, 5, 1, 3, 2, 4

D. 6, 5, 2, 1, 3, 4

E. 6, 2, 3, 1, 5, 4

Answer: D

Q112. With Oracle Cash Management, you can reconcile payments created in Payables to your bank statements. When you reconcile payments using Oracle Cash Management, Cash Management updates the status of payments. Select the new status.

A. issued

B. updated

C. negotiable

D. reconciled

Answer: D

Q113. Which three reports can be used for identifying duplicate suppliers? (Choose three.)

A. Supplier Report

B. Supplier Audit Report

C. Supplier Merge Report

D. Supplier Listing By Supplier Name

Answer: ABD

Q114. Identify three statements that are true about the withholding tax process. (Choose three.)

A. Tax is automatically calculated at any calculation level.

B. The withholding tax process is a part of Cash Management.

C. Payables automatically generates withholding tax invoices to pay tax authorities.

D. Payables calculates withholding taxes on invoices during the invoice validation process or during the payment calculation.

E. If the withholding tax is calculated during the invoice validation process, the taxable amount withheld is the gross amount.

Answer: CDE

Q115. Identify the different types of data that can be processed using the GL Interface. (Choose three.)

A. rates

B. budget

C. vendors

D. statistical

E. intercompany

F. currency codes

Answer: BDE

Q116. To set up Offset Tax under the Tax Configuration tab, which Tax Configuration tab must you select to locate and enable "Set as Offset Tax"?

A. taxes

B. tax rules

C. tax rates

D. tax statuses

E. tax regimes

Answer: A

Q117. wants to provide transparency in its Accounts Payable (AP) operations to its counterparts within the purchasing, Fixed Assets and General Ledger departments. Several complaints have surfaced regarding issues with IP process times and help up payments. The AP department must strictly adhere to accounting regulations about segregating job functions while trying to meet this requirement. Which task should be performed to make this possible?

A. Give access to all AIP forms and reports

B. Give AP inquiry-only access, only though Oracle responsibilities

C. Implement a Web-based version of Oracle AP that allows Web viewing of AP information

D. Create custom inquiry forms for them to view invoices and payments but not supplier information

E. Change the profile options to allow unrestricted viewing of the AP data in PO and GL so that the staff from these other areas do not have to log in to AP

Answer: B

Q118. ABC Corp. wants to allocate the gross amount of XYZ Co. invoices to fifty cost centers each time an invoice is received from them. The cost centers that are to be charged require minimal updating. Select the option you would recommend that requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

A. Import predefined invoices from an Excel spreadsheet.

B. A customization may be created to allocate the charges at the end of the month.

C. Create an invoice and use the prorate functionality to allocate the cost across accounts.

D. Make it an operational policy that all invoices of this type are created listing all the desired accounts.

E. Create a distribution set for all the desired accounts and associate it to all new invoices for this supplier.

Answer: E

Q119. Select three levels where additional reporting currency representations can be maintained. (Choose three.)

A. batch

B. journal

C. balance

D. subledger

Answer: BCD

Q120. Select three statements that apply to Interface Data Transformer (IDT). (Choose three.)

A. It ensures reapplication of the same rules each time you transfer.

B. IDT provides greater flexibility by performing no validation on the imported data.

C. User-defined conditions enable you to control when transformation rules must be applied.

D. IDT provides automatic data conversion that converts disparate data formats into an Oracle format.

E. It makes exporting of data from Oracle General Ledger into external feeder systems much easier and less time consuming.

Answer: ACD