Exam Code: 1Z0-520 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle EBS R12.1 Purchasing Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-520 Study Guide Questions:

Q161. Which two are true about the key accounts in the Procure to Pay process? (Choose two.) 

A. The Receiving account is used to record the current balance of material in receiving and inspection. 

B. The Invoice Price Variance account is used to record differences between the invoice price and the average cost. 

C. The Expense AP Accrual account is used to accrue payable liabilities when you receive items you will capitalize as inventory. 

D. The Purchase Price Variance account is used to record differences between the purchase order line price and the average cost. 

E. The Exchange Rate Gain or Loss account is used to record differences between the exchange rate used for the purchase order and the exchange rate used for the invoice. 

Answer: A,E 

Q162. RFQs and Quotations have setups in the following areas: Purchasing Control Options, Lookup Codes, and Profile Options. Select the two options that contain correct setups, for both the Purchasing Control Options and the Profile Options. (Choose two.) 

A. Purchasing Control Options: Quotation Numbering, Line Type, and Quotation Required 

B. Profile Options: PO: Write Server Output to File, and PO: Warning Delay Days Number 

C. Purchasing Control Options: RFQ Numbering, Quote Warning Delay, and RFQ Required 

D. Profile Options: PO: Display AutoCreated Quotation, and PO: Warning Delay Days Number 

E. Purchasing Control Options: RFQ Quotation Numbering, Quote Warning Delay, and Quotation Required 

F. Profile Options: PO: Price Tolerance (%) for Catalog Updates, and PO: Warn if RFQ Required before AutoCreate 

Answer: C,F 

Q163. A multinational company operates in three countries, with one operating unit (OU) in each. Each OU is linked to one inventory organization. One of the inventory organizations is a manufacturing plant. Which two statements are correct? (Choose two). 

A. A location is a legal address, it cannot be a Ship-To site for more than one country. 

B. A location is unique to a specific OU responsibility when the Global check box is selected. 

C. When a location is flagged as local, you must assign the local inventory organization to it. 

D. The Ship-To location and Ship-To site for the same inventory location can be in different countries. 

E. You cannot set a default receiving location in the Receiving Options for each inventory organization. 

Answer: D,E 

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Q164. Which four are true about the Future Periods field in the Financials Options window? (Choose four.) 

A. You cannot import or enter invoices in a future period. 

B. You can import/enter invoices in future periods, pay and create accounting entries for them. 

C. You can change this number to the maximum number of future periods you want to allow in Payables. 

D. You can import/enter invoices in future periods but you cannot pay or create accounting entries for them. 

E. The first time you enter this field, Payables defaults the number of future periods you use in your Ledger as a default. 

F. Payables uses this value to limit the number of future periods you can maintain in the Control Payables Periods window. 

G. After you change the status of a future period to Open, you can change it back to Future only if you did not create any transactions in that period. 

Answer: C,D,E,F 

Q165. Which two statements are true about lot numbers? (Choose two.) 

A. Lot numbers can be user defined. 

B. Lot numbers have to be numeric only. 

C. Lot numbers have to be of a fixed length. 

D. Lot numbers can be generated only at the organization level. 

E. Before turning lot control on for an item, your on-hand quantity for that item should be zero. 

Answer: A,E 

Q166. In the Multi-Org model of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, which organization type owns Bank Account? 

A. Ledger 

B. Legal Entity 

C. Operating Unit 

D. Balancing Entity 

E. Business Group 

Answer: B 


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Q167. XYZ is a chemical manufacturing company. On a daily basis, it produces 100 kilos of Item A from a single production batch. 100 kilos of item A manufactured from a single batch has a single expiration date. However, the purity of item A varies as follows: 

Category 1: 95% 

Category 2: 85% 

Category 3: 50% 

From an implementation perspective, which setup or process would meet this requirement? 

A. Enable lot control. Map three categories as coproducts. 

B. Enable lot control for item A. Create three lots to represent the categories. 

C. Enable lot control for item A. Create three child lots and link them with the parent lot. 

D. Enable lot and grade control for item A. Have three categories mapped with grades. 

E. Enable lot and serial control for item A. Create one lot and three categories that are mapped with serial numbers. 

Answer: D 

Q168. The technical architecture In Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 supports the business needs of the application. Select three technical features Included In the technical architecture in Oracle E- Business Suite Release I2. (Choose three) 

A. global 

B. mobile interface 

C. rapid Implementation 

D. Business Intelligence 

E. end-to-end integration 

F. self-service (HTML/JSPs) 

Answer: B,D,F 

Q169. You have been asked by the HR Manager to define Oracle Alert to show all employees terminated in the past six months. 

A. actions that you want Alert to perform 

B. frequency with which you want to run this Alert 

C. a SQL statement that retrieves terminated employees 

D. name of the concurrent program to be run after Alert runs 

E. database table name, which stores employee Information to specify In the Event Details section 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q170. At BBC Inc., you are implementing Oracle Work in Process, Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning, Oracle Bill Of Materials, Oracle Inventory, and Oracle Engineering. When creating requisitions, which two modules do NOT feed data into Oracle Purchasing? (Choose two.) 

A. Oracle Inventory 

B. Oracle Engineering 

C. Oracle Bill Of Materials 

D. Oracle Work in Process 

E. Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning 

Answer: B,C