Exam Code: 1Z0-532 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Jun 1Z0-532 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. The organization by period feature is used for what two purposes? 

A. Segregating rules by month and year 

B. Controlling when entities consolidate into specific parents 

C. Organizing the period dimension into multiple hierarchies 

D. Managing the ownership percentage of one entity by others 

E. Maintaining stored data values for changes in the Entity structure over time 

Answer: BE 

Q32. In which four ways can a user access FR reports? 

A. In the Workspace in HTML mode 

B. In the Workspace in PDF mode 

C. Over the Web outside of the Workspace in HTML mode 

D. In Smart View using the BI+ Connection 

E. In PDF format from an email 

Answer: ABDE 

Q33. A custom function in rules is useful for: 

A. Organizing rules into subsets of code 

B. Controlling the ending of an If/Then 

C. Writing code that will be repeated in multiple places 

D. Defining conjunctions to be used along with variables 

E. Custom functions are not possible in FM, 

Answer: C 

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Q34. Identify the two features that are available for data forms but not data grids. 

A. View and update data 

B. View calculation and consolidation status 

C. Change point of view selections 

D. Drill in and out on row and column members 

E. Export to Excel 

F. Open in Smart View 

Answer: EF 

Q35. In Task Automation, a link in a task flow: 

A. Passes the point of view to a stage 

B. Connects the task to a specific user 

C. Passes control from one stage to another 

D. Passes control from a task to the IT department 

E. Passes a process unit from one review level to the next review level 

Answer: C 

Q36. The Audit Intersection link in Data Grid menus takes the user to: 

A. The Data Audit listing for the cell 

B. The FDM location used to load the data 

C. The database log for the data storage table 

D. The Task Audit page 

E. Line item details 

Answer: B 


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Q37. What feature in Financial Reporting allows you to "drill into" a dimension? 

A. You cannot drill into dimensions in FR. 

B. Expansions 

C. Drill Options 

D. Zoom Options 

E. Enable for Smart Slice 

Answer: B 

Q38. What are the three characteristics of sub EnumMemberLists ()? 

A. Specifies which dimensions have member lists 

B. Names each member list in each dimension 

C. Specifies the valid members for a member list 

D. Specifies the number of lists for each dimension 

E. Is used to create both static and dynamic lists 

Answer: ABD 

Q39. Identify the three true statements about accounts and account types. 

A. Financial Management provides predefined account types such as Asset, Revenue, Flow, Balance, and Dynamic. 

B. Account types tell FM how the child account should aggregate to the parent. 

C. Account types tell FM how the account balances should accumulate over time. 

D. Base level accounts do not automatically roll up to parents; business rules are required. 

E. Children cannot inherit the account type of their parent unless specifically defined by the administrator. 

Answer: ABC 

Q40. You need to migrate an FM application in version 11 from development to production. Your environment has two instances of Shared Services, one for development and one for production. Identify the two true statements about using Life Cycle Management to perform the application migration from development to production within this environment. 

A. You can select specific objects to migrate or all objects to migrate. 

B. Migrating applications from development to production in disconnected environments, where there are two instances of Shared Services, is not supported. 

C. Life Cycle Management will migrate both objects and data. 

D. Life Cycle Management will generate an XML file that can be modified and used for importing to target applications. 

E. The only role necessary to perform LCM activities is Application Administrator. 

Answer: AD