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Q1. ACME is working on setting up security for *PUBLIC, individual users, and roles. When a user has multiple roles (APUSER, APADMIN, ...) and signs in with a single role (APADMIN), what is the hierarchy that security records read when a user attempts to access an application or perform an action?

A. User -> *PUBLIC -> Role

B. Role -> User -> *PUBLIC

C. *PUBLIC -> Role -> User

D. User -> Role -> *PUBLIC

E. *PUBLIC -> User -> Role

Answer: D

Q2. ACME Company plans to install one EnterpriseOne HTML Server (JAS) per environment. Which statement is FALSE regarding each EnterpriseOne HTML Server (JAS) instance?

A. Must have a unique System Foundation TCP/IP port.

B. Must have its own unique JAS.INI file

C. Must have unique sets of Serialized Objects tables.

D. Can share a single System DataSource

E. Can share a single HTTP Server

Answer: C

Q3. ACME would like to integrate their existing LDAP server with EnterpriseOne to users in one system. With LDAP Authentication enabled, besides user profiles, which two other profile values can be maintained in the LDAP?

A. Role

B. Date Format

C. Language

D. Password

E. Address Book Number

Answer: BE

Q4. ACME has many remote development sites and decided to implement multi-tier deployment servers to assist with the package deployments. Which UBE/report is run in order to perform the package deployment to the secondary deployment server?

A. R98825B

B. R98825C

C. R98825D

D. R98825E

E. R98403

Answer: C

Q5. The EnterpriseOne HTML server utilizes serialized object specifications maintained in two tables (F989999 and F989998) for each path code. At what interval does the HTML server pole/discover the serialized object manifest and compare it against the currently package deployed to the Enterprise Server?

A. 30 seconds

B. 1 minute

C. 5 minutes

D. 10 minutes

E. Variable defined by the JAS.INI file for the HTML server

Answer: E

Q6. EnterpriseOne OMW projects migrate through the development life cycle by activity rule definitions. According to the standard El activity rules, which project status promotion would migrate objects from the DV path code/environment to the PY path code/environment?

A. 11->21

B. 21->26

C. 26->28

D. 28->38

E. 38->01

Answer: B

Q7. ACME has built a full package and noticed there was a problem with the client package build process for one of the business function objects, B9840 included in CINSTALL library, as it reported 'ERROR' in the R9621.pdf. Which log file on the Deployment Server should be examined to determine the cause of the business function compile problem?

A. SvrPkgBuild.log

B. JDE.log

C. ClientPkgBuild.log

D. Buildlog.txt

E. BuildReport.txt

Answer: A

Q8. EnterpriseOne provides Server Manager as its interface where administrators can capture vital resource information (advanced process metrics & diagnostic tools) of running EnterpriseOne kernels. Which two process types does this apply to?

A. Security kernel

B. Call Object kernel


D. Package kernel

E. Management kernel

Answer: BE

Q9. Widget International is currently live on EnterpriseOne Tools Release 8.98 in their Production environments and wants to install and configure a new Tools Release (example: 8.98.3) on the deployment server. Which three directories should be copied into each of the Foundation Tools Release directions?

A. Planner

B. Package_INF

C. OneWorld Client Install

D. System

E. System Comp

Answer: ACD

Q10. In a traditional EnterpriseOne installation, in which data source would you typically find the User Overrides table (F98950) for the PD900 environment?

A. Business Data - Prod

B. Central Objects - PD900

C. Control Tables - Prod

D. System - 900

E. Versions - PD900

Answer: B