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Q41. This graphic is an example of a ________. 

A. spreadsheet 

B. scorecard 

C. portfolio 

D. waterline analysis 

Answer: B

Q42. You are a program manager for a group of 10+ projects. You actually have a dedicated node for each program, and your owned projects reside under each node. Each program has its own unique requirements for viewing activity data. 

You do not want to ask for activity codes that would be visible to the entire organization. Which activity coding solution would serve the needs of the project managers in your programs? 

A. Create global activity codes. 

B. Create user activity codes. 

C. Create project activity codes. 

D. Create EPS activity codes. 


Q43. Identify three types of activity codes. 

A. Global 

B. Activity 

C. Project 



F. Resource 

Answer: ACD

Q44. You are a portfolio manager, and a filter has been set to identity and assign projects to your portfolio. You are in Primavera P6 EPPM web interface. 

How could you be certain that the list of projects in your portfolio is complete? 

A. By manually hiding projects 

B. By manually adding new projects 

C. By manually refreshing the filter 

D. By manually updating projects 

Answer: C

Q45. Identify one filter enhancement in P6 R8. 

A. Apply multiple filters simultaneously 

B. Create filters with no more than three criteria 

C. Cut, Copy, and paste filters 

D. Assign filters to unique, single activity views 


Q46. When is "Store Period Performance" usually performed? 

A. After each pay period 

B. After the schedule is updated 

C. After Job Services validation 

D. After working hours to enhance performance 


Q47. You are in a governance organization that has established a project management methodology with work product and document requirements that must be included in every project. You are doing an audit prior to a gate review for a specific project. You are fairly certain that the project manager and project are in compliance with these requirements, but you cannot see the required work products and documents in the project workspace. How can you solve this problem? 

A. Go to Activities and search tor the Work Products and Documents by using an Activity view. 

B. Go to a dashboard and look for the Work Products and Documents in a portlet. 

C. Create a global activity code for required Work Products and Documents to call out activities. 

D. Go to the Project section and click Work Products and Documents to view the portlet. 

Answer: D

Q48. You received an e-mail from a portfolio manager asking you to check performance metrics for the past months on each of the projects filtered for that portfolio. 

You cannot locate the portfolio that the email references. 

What is the probable cause? 

A. It is a user portfolio created by the portfolio manager. 

B. It is a user-filtered portfolio that has not been refreshed. 

C. You do not have the appropriate license for the web interface. 

D. You have not been assigned as a resource to the projects. 

Answer: B

Q49. You are in a governance organization that has established a project management methodology with work product and document requirements that must be included in every project. You want to create s global activity view that includes a filter to show only activities that have required work products and documents as per the methodology. Identify three actions that would help you to accomplish this. 

A. Create a Secure Global Activity Code. 

B. Create a Global Security Privilege for the Governance organization. 

C. Create a Global Governance Activity view. 

D. Group and sort by Governance deliverable. 

E. Create a filter available to the Governance organization. 

F. Create a custom portlet for a Governance dashboard. 

Answer: ACE 

Q50. You are a project manager managing a large construction project. One of the pieces of heavy equipment required to dig the Foundation will most likely not be available until a specific date, because that equipment has been allocated to another, higher priority project. In that related project schedule you clearly see that in all likelihood, the activity in that plan that uses that equipment will also slip. You want to reflect this in your project schedule using a constraint. 

What would be the most appropriate constraint to use? 

A. Start On 

B. Start On or Before 

C. Start On or After 

D. Mandatory start 

Answer: C