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Q51. Managed servers in a cluster . 

A. Must all reside in the same domain because you cannot split a cluster over multiple domains 

B. Can have different deployments from their peers 

C. Must all be deployed on the same operating 

D. Must be able to communicate with the node manager in order for clustering to function properly 



Q52. What is the effective data transfer rate of the 40Gb per second InfiniBand fabric of the Exalogic X2-2? (Choose one) 

A. 10 Gb/sec 

B. 20 Gb/sec 

C. 32 Gb/sec 

D. 40 Gb/sec 



The effective data transfer rate of the 40Gb per second InfiniBand fabric of theExalogicX2-2 is 32 Gb/sec. 

Q53. What IP type is used when configuring non-global zones on Exalogic compute nodes? 

A. IP shared between global zone and non-global zone 

B. Exclusive IP for the non-global zone 

C. Virtual IP 

D. Floating IP 



Q54. What are software optimization features for Exalogic? (Choose two) 

A. JDBC performance accelerator 

B. Serial muxer architecture 

C. Active GridLink for RAC 

D. WebLogic FatPipe architecture 

Answer: A,C 


Active GridLink for RAC and JDBC performance accelerator are software optimization features forExalogic. 

Q55. Which could most benefit from the performance optimizations of Exalogic? (Choose two) 

A. SOA Suite 

B. Linux C-based application 

C. WebCenter 

D. Java SE application 



SOA Suite and WebCenter can most benefit from performance optimizations ofExalogic. 

Q56. Which statement is true about a zone's default network interfaces when a zone is configured? 

A. The IPoIB network interface is configured as an IPMP group. 

B. The EoIB network interface is configured as an IPMP group. 

C. The management network is configured as an IPMP group. 

D. None of the interfaces are configured as IPMP groups. 



Q57. In which scenario would you configure a set of floating IP addresses using the BOND1 interface for WebLogic managed servers and administration server? 

A. When HTTP traffic comes from the external data center 

B. For the private InfiniBand fabric network traffic used by the WebLogic Server instances and coherence servers 

C. For WebLogic Server replication traffic 

D. When database traffic needs to be isolated on a separate virtual LAN 



Q58. Which two statements are true about Node Manager? 

A. One node manager per domain 

B. Node manager must start inExalogicwith xinetd deamon 

C. Not needed node manager instance for control de lifecycle life of managed server, becauseExalogicsupport the needed for elastic grown of domains. 



Q59. What is ILOM? (Choose one) 

A. Integrated Lights Out Manager 

B. Internet Lights Out Machine 

C. Integrated Leveling Onsite Manager 

D. Integral Lightweight On-Chip Memory 



ILOM is Integrated Lights Out Manager. 

Q60. In a full rack of the Exalogic X2-2, there is   TB of DRAM. (Choose one) 

A. 2.8 

B. 4 

C. 6 

D. 1.4 



In a full rack of theExalogicX2-2, there is 2.8 TB of DRAM.