Exam Code: 1Z0-569 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q21. After you enter configuration information in the Exalogic configrator spreadsheet, which configuration file is generated? 

A. Exalogic_factory_original.conf 

B. Exalogic_deploy.conf 

C. Exalogic_initial.conf 

D. generate_factory_config.sh 


Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18476_01/doc.220/e18478/app_a.htm#BEIFBIGD(Previewi ng the configuration and generating the configuration file) 

Q22. SDP sits atop the InfiniBand core in the Exalogic architecture. What is SDP? (choose one) 

A. Sockets Direct Protocol 

B. Service Data Point 

C. Secure Delivery Platform 

D. Session Description Protocol 



SDP is Sockets Direct Protocol. 

Q23. How many solid-state disks does each Exalogic compute node contain? 

A. 2 

B. 6 

C. 1 

D. 4 


Reference:http://www.oracle.com/us/products/middleware/Exalogic-wp-173449.pdf(Page 4, OracleExalogicElastic Cloud Hardware, second paragraph) 

Q24. Which two network channels are necessary to be configured for managed servers? 

A. HTTP client channel 

B. T3 channel 

C. SDP channel 

D. EoIB channel 

Answer: A,B 


Q25. In a single Exalogic machine rack, the Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36 is used for . 

A. Connecting leaf switches together 

B. Connecting multiple racks 

C. Providing HA benefits 

D. Improving the performance of the InfiniBand fabric 


Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18476_01/doc.220/e18478/app_a.htm(A.1 Overview, see the note) 

Q26. When an Exalogic machine is connected to an Exadata machine, which network is used? 

A. Both machines are on the same InfiniBand fabric 

B. Different InfiniBand fabrics 

C. Ethernet over InfiniBand 

D. Management network 


Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18476_01/doc.220/e18478/intro.htm(About OracleExalogic, second and third paragraph) 

Q27. In order to scale the WebLogic Server cluster beyond a single computers node, the domain must be propagated to additional computers nodes. How is this best accomplished? 

A. The domain can simply be zipped (using tar, cpio, or jar), copied over, and extracted on the other computer node. 

B. Web logic Server has specific commands like pack.sh and unpack.sh that are designed for this purpose. 

C. The step can be accomplished most easily through the admin server when the second machine is added to the cluster. 

D. WithExalogicElastic Cloud software, domain propagation is automatic when additional machine is added to the cluster. 



Q28. Which factor determines the netmask for an IP subnet? 

A. the range of usable IP addresses you need 

B. the availability of IP addresses in an enterprise 

C. the type of network interface 

D. the operating system running on compute nodes 



63. When analyzing a performance problem, which four high level statistics are checked by the storage appliance? 

A. network bytes/sec 

B. NFS operations/sec 

C. state of InfiniBand ports on the switch 

D. disk operations/sec 

E. CPU utilization 

F. state of the Cisco management switch 

Answer: A,B,D,E 


Q29. Here are the main hardware components of an Exalogic machine half rack. What line items would change if you were ordering a full rack instead? (Choose one) 

I. 16 Sun Fire X4170 M2 compute nodes 

II. 1 dual controller Sun ZFS Storage 7320 appliance with 20 drives 

III. 2 Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switches 


 1 Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36 


 1 48-port Cisco Catalyst 4948 Ethernet management switch 

VI 2 redundant 15 kVA or 24 kVA PDUs 

A. I. III. VI. 

B. I. III. 

C. I. 

D. I. VI. 



The following line items would change if you were ordering a full rack instead of a half rack: I. 16 Sun Fire X4170 M2 compute nodes, III 2 Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switches and VI. 

2 redundant 15 kVA or 24 kVA PDUs 

Q30. ZFS technology is used in which Exalogic system components? (Choose one) 

A. Compute nodes 

B. InfiniBand switch/gateways 

C. Management Ethernet switch 

D. Storage appliance 



ZFS technology is used in the storage appliance component.