Exam Code: 1Z0-591 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-591 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. You run the Consistency Check and receive the warning: 

[39003] Missing functional dependency association for column: DIM_Offer_End_Date.CREATE_DT. 

What would you check? 

A. Whether the logical table source for this column has been disabled 

B. Whether the columns creating CREATE_DT have been deleted 

C. Whether there is a logical join between the DIM and FACT tables 

D. Whether there is a physical join between the DIM and FACT tables 

E. Whether there is a physical column mapped to the logical column 

F. DIM_Offer_End_Date.CREATE_DT 

Answer: A

Q52. The Oracle BI office plug-in allows you to import the results of an OBI request into which two MS applications? 

A. MS Visio 

B. MS Excel 

C. MS Project 

D. MS Word 

Answer: BD

Q53. An organization has its employees' names in an Employees table, and information about their jobs in a Jobs table. 

However, an organization's employees can have multiple jobs, and the same job can be performed by multiple employees. This situation would result in a many to-many relationship between the Employees and Jobs tables. How can the many to-many relationship issue be resolved? 

A. By modeling the many to many relationshipin the business model 

B. By creating a bridge table that represents one employee doing one job, with several rows for an employee who has several jobs 

C. By creating the many to many join in the physical model 

D. By creating alogical table source (LTS) thatjoins the Employees and Jobs tables 

Answer: B


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Q54. To add multiple sources to on existing logical table dimension in the Business Model and Mapping layer, the source of the data must first exist in which option? 

A. Presentation Layer 

B. Business Aggregate Layer 

C. PhysicalLayer 

D. WebCatalog 

Answer: C

Q55. Which OBIEE capability enables developers to build Aggregate tables? 

A. Aggregate Persistence Wizard 

B. Expression Builder 

C. Table Builder 

D. Query Analyzer 

Answer: A

Q56. What are the two ways to use the administration tool? 

A. It can be used to manage user password. 

B. The administration tool uses a set of wizards that support the design of calculations, expressions, dimensions, and so on. 

C. It can be used for versioning of the rpd. 

D. Administrator can use repository and session variables in a repository to streamline administrative tasks and dynamically modify metadata content to adjust to a changing data environment. 

Answer: CD


Approved 1Z0-591 answers:

Q57. Cache in OBIEE is used to_____. Select the two correct answers. 

A. improve performance of Dashboards and Analysis 

B. decrease query response time 

C. improve Analysis data quality 

D. eliminate Write Back Capabilities 

E. create Aggregate tables 

Answer: AB

Q58. Identify the correct mode to use when opening the web catalog while performing security settings modifications and migrations. 

A. Online 

B. Offline 

C. Managed 

D. UnManaged 

Answer: A

Q59. How will you model a Type II Slowly-Changing Dimension? 

A. Add an additional column to the dimension table to capture a version of change 

B. Overwrite an existing dimension table record with the changed record 

C. Add a new row to the dimension table with a new key for the changed record 

D. Do Nothing 

Answer: C

Q60. Which task can be performed after the Administrator link has been reached through logging into OBIEE? 

A. Associate map layers to columns 

B. Manage access to Subject Areas 

C. SSO enablement 

D. Start or Stop BI Managed Servers 

Answer: BCD