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2021 May 1Z0-862 Study Guide Questions:

Q91. A company is creating an XML schema that describes various training materials available for purchase by students.Given the namespace aliases and schema that appear in the WSDL file for a document-style Web service:




<xsd:schema targetNamespace="">

<xsd:element name="bookInfo">



<xsd:element name="author" type="xsd:string"/>

<xsd:element name="title" type="xsd:string"/>





Which is a valid message element for this WSDL file?

A. <message name="SubmitBookInfoMessage">

<part name="bookInfo" type="xsd:bookInfo"/>


B. <message name="SubmitBookInfoMessage">

<part name="bookInfo" type="book:bookInfo"/>


C. <message name="SubmitBookInfoMessage">

<part name="bookInfo" element="xsd:bookInfo"/>


D. <message name="SubmitBookInfoMessage">

<part name="bookInfo" element="book:bookInfo"/> </message>

E. <message name="SubmitBookInfoMessage">

<part element="bookInfo" type="xsd:bookInfo"/>


F. <message name="SubmitBookInfoMessage">

<part element="bookInfo" type="book:bookInfo"/> </message>

Answer: D

Q92. Which two statements are true about the ports in a Web service in WSDL 1.1? (Choose two.)

A. None of the ports communicate with each other.

B. The output of one port can be the input of another.

C. Several ports can share a port type.

D. Ports and port types are interchangeable.

E. There can be only one port of a particular port type.

Answer: AC

Q93. Which two statements are true about creating a Web service with JAX-WS? (Choose two.)

A. Stateless Web services must be created with HTTP servlet endpoints.

B. Creating the portable artifacts by hand is slow, but makes a service easier to maintain.

C. All Java-based endpoints share a common packaging model.

D. EJBs can serve as endpoints if hosted in a container with runtime and service support.

E. JAX-WS supports creating services from source and compiled code without a WSDL.

Answer: DE

1Z0-862  test questions

Update 1Z0-862 exam question:

Q94. A developer creates a new CRM software product for a company that exposes EJBs as Web services for other modules in the application suite. Which mechanism should be used to manage transactions in an EJB-based endpoint?

A. the Java Transaction API or a similar API

B. the built-in JAX-WS runtime support for transactions

C. the built-in SOAP over HTTP transaction manager

D. the declarative transaction elements defined in the deployment descriptor

E. the built-in session aware transaction controller

Answer: D

Q95. Which two statements are true about JAX-WS support for data bindings? (Choose two.)

A. Data binding is performed with only generated classes to reduce errors and hide complexity.

B. JAXB 2.0 is preferred.

C. Inline binding declarations with XML Schema are NOT supported for JAXB 2.0.

D. SAAJ 1.3 is supported for data binding with SOAP.

E. JAX-RPC data binding is recommended for cross-platform interoperability.

Answer: BD

Q96. Which two statements are true about XML schemas and WSDL 1.1? (Choose two.)

A. is the WSDL namespace for SOAP binding.

B. xsi is used as a prefix to represent the schema namespace as defined by XSD

C. XSD schemas are used as a formal definition of WSDL grammar.

D. xsd is used as a prefix to represent the schema namespace as defined by XSD

E. is the WSDL namespace for SOAP binding.

Answer: CD

Validated 1Z0-862 prep:

Q97. A company is building a customer relationship management system that is to be deployed on a customer's network, and they want software functions to be reused and combined in different modules in the system. The Director of Technology has determined that the new system should utilize both Web services and a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).Which two statements about Web services in an SOA are correct? (Choose two.)

A. A Web service must be discovered from a UDDI registry in an SOA.

B. SOA and Web services both use the HTTP protocol at the transport layer.

C. A Web service must publish itself to a UDDI registry to become part of an SOA.

D. SOA is a way to design a system and Web services are a possible implementation.

E. SOA is used for stateless invocations, and Web services for stateful invocations.

F. SOA emphasizes the concept of service encapsulation and Web services fulfill a service contract.

Answer: DF

Q98. A developer needs to create a portable client for an existing SOAP-based Web service using JAX-WS. The requirements state that the client proxy must be able to catch service-specific exceptions. The developer requests access to the service endpoint implementation. Which statement is true?

A. The existing service endpoint implementation is required.

B. JAX-WS proxies are dynamic so the service endpoint must be redesigned.

C. The developer should have requested the WSDL rather than the service endpoint implementation.

D. Catching service-specific exceptions makes the system backwards compatible with JAX-RPC.

Answer: C

Q99. What are two communication modes supported by JAX-WS? (Choose two.)

A. Synchronous RPC

B. Dynamic Service Binding

C. Dynamic Proxy

D. Endpoint Invocation

E. Dispatch

Answer: CE

Q100. For a new application, one requirement is that developers must be able to produce and consume messages conforming to the SOAP 1.1 specification and SOAP with attachments. Which API should be used to meet this requirement?







Answer: C