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Q91. Examine the RMAN commands executed in your database: RMAN>CONFIGUREDEFAULT DEVICE TYPE TO disk; 



You issue the command: 


Which two statements are true about the command? 

A. It performs a log switch. 

B. It creates compressed backup sets by using binary compression by default. 

C. It backs up only the used blocks in data files. 

D. It backs up data files, the control file, and the server parameter file. 

E. It creates a backup of only the control file whenever the database undergoes a structural change. 

Answer: B,E 

Q92. Examine the command to create a pluggable database (PDB): 


FILE_NAME-_CONVERT = ('/disk1/oracle/pdb1/', '/disk2/oracle/pdb2/’) PATH_PREFIX = '/disk2/oracle/pdb2' 

Which two statements are true? 

A. The pluggable database pdb2 is created by cloning pdb1and is in mount state. 

B. Details about the metadata describing pdb2 are stored in an XML file in the'/disk2/oracle/pdb2/' directory. 

C. The tablespace specifications of pdb2 are the same as pdb1. 

D. All database objects belonging to common users in PD3I are cloned in PD32. 

E. pdb2 is created with its own private undo and temp tablespaces. 


Reference: the table, 4throw) 

Q93. You execute the RMAN commands: 



Which task is performed by these commands? 

A. Corrupted blocks, if any, are repaired in the backup created. 

B. Only those data files that have corrupted blocks are backed up. 

C. Corrupted blocks in the data files are checked and repaired before performing the database backup. 

D. The database is checked for physically corrupt blocks and any corrupted blocks are repaired. 


Q94. In your database, the tbs percent used parameter is set to 60 and the tbs percent free parameter is set to 20. 

Which two storage-tiering actions might be automated when using Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) to automate data movement? 

A. The movement of all segments to a target tablespace with a higher degree of compression, on a different storage tier, when the source tablespace exceeds tbs percent used 

B. Setting the target tablespace to read-only after the segments are moved 

C. The movement of some segments to a target tablespace with a higher degree of compression, on a different storage tier, when the source tablespace exceeds T3S percent used 

D. Taking the target tablespace offline after the segments are moved 

E. The movement of some blocks to a target tablespace with a lower degree of compression, on a different storage tier, when the source tablespace exceeds tbs percent used 

Answer: A,B 

Q95. You have a production Oracle 12c database running on a host. 

You want to install and create databases across multiple new machines that do not have any Oracle database software installed. You also want the new databases to have the 

same directory structure and components as your existing 12c database. 

The steps in random order: 

1.Create directory structures similar to the production database on all new machines. 

2.Create a response file for Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) with the same configurations 

as the production database. 

3.Create a database clone template for the database. 

4.Run the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) to create the database. 

5.Run OUI in graphical mode on each machine. 

6.Run OUI in silent mode using the OUI response file. 

Identify the required steps in the correct sequence to achieve the requirement with minimal human intervention. 

A. 2, 1, 6, and 4 

B. 2, 3, and 6 

C. 3, 1, 5, and 6 

D. 2, 3, 1, and 6 

E. 1, 5, and 4 


Q96. Which two are prerequisites for creating a backup-based duplicate database? 

A. connecting to the target database and a recovery catalog to execute the duplicate command 

B. creating a password file for an auxiliary instance 

C. connecting to an auxiliary instance 

D. matching the database identifier (DBID) of the source database and the duplicate database 

E. creating an SPFILE for the target database 

Answer: A,B 

Reference: DEDFFH 

Q97. You want to create a guaranteed restore point for your database by executing the command: 


Identify two prerequisites for the successful execution of this command. 

A. The database must be running in archivelog mode. 

B. Flashback Database must be enabled. 

C. Fast Recovery Area must be enabled. 

D. The recyclebin must be enabled for the database. 

E. Undo retention guarantee must be enabled. 

F. A database backup must be taken. 

Answer: A,C 


Q98. Which three statements are true about the keystore storage framework for transparent data encryption? 

A. It facilitates and helps to enforce keystore backup requirements. 

B. It handles encrypted data without modifying applications. 

C. It enables a keystore to be stored only in a file on a file system. 

D. It enables separation of duties between the database administrator and the security administrator. 

E. It transparently decrypts data for the database users and applications that access this data. 

F. It helps to track encryption keys and implement requirements such as keystore password rotation and master encryption key reset or re-key operations. 

Answer: A,D,F 

Reference: (benefits of the keystore storage framework) 

Q99. Which three statements are true regarding the use of the Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU)? 

A. A DBA can check specific tables with the DMU 

B. The database to be migrated must be opened read-only. 

C. The release of the database to be converted can be any release since 

D. The DMUcan report columns that are too long in the converted characterset 

E. The DMUcan report columns that are not represented in the converted characterset 

Answer: A,D,E 

Explanation: A: In certain situations, you may want to exclude selected columns or tables from scanning or conversion steps of the migration process. 

D: Exceed column limit 

The cell data will not fit into a column after conversion. 

E: Need conversion 

The cell data needs to be converted, because its binary representation in the target 

character set is different than the representation in the current character set, but neither 

length limit issues nor invalid representation issues have been found. 

Q100. Identify three benefits of unified auditing. 

A. It helps to reduce disk space used to store an audit trail in a database. 

B. It guarantees zero-loss auditing. 

C. It reduces overhead on a database caused by auditing, by having a single audit trail. 

D. An audit trail cannot be modified because it is read-only. 

E. It automatically audits Recovery Manager (RMAN) events. 

Answer: C,D,E