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2021 Jun 1z0-067 free practice questions

Q111. You must unload data from the orders, order_items, and products database tables to four files using the External Tables. 

CREATE TABLE orders_ext (order_id, order_date, product_id, product_name,quantity) ORGANIZATION EXTERNAL ( TYPE ORACLE_DATAPUMP DEFAULT DIRECTORY ext.dir LOCATION (‘ordersl.dmp','orders2.dmp’,’orders3.dmp’,’lorders4.dmp') ) PARALLEL AS SELECT o.order_id,o.order_date,p.product_id,p.product_name,i.quantity FROM orders o,productsp,order_itemsi WHERE o.orderjd = i.order_id and i.product_id = p.product_id; 

You execute the command shown in the Exhibit, but only two files are created. Which parameter must be changed so that four files are created? 






Answer: A 

Q112. Examine the output: 


Database log modeArchive Mode Automatic archivalEnabled Archive DestinationUSE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST Oldest online log sequence376 Next log sequence to archive378 Current log sequence378 Which three types of files are automatically placed in the fast recovery area? 

A. Flashback data archives (FDA) 

B. Archived redo log files 

C. Control file autobackups 

D. Server parameter file (SPFILE) 

E. Recovery Manager (RMAN) backup pieces 

Answer: B,C,E 

Reference: 526 

Q113. Which parameter must be set to which value to implement automatic PGA memory management? 

A. Set memory_target to zero. 


C. Set pga_aggregate_target to a nonzero value. 

D. Set pga_aggregate_target and sga_target to the same value. 

E. Set sgajtarget to zero. 

Answer: C 

Reference: IN11233 

Q114. A telecom company wishes to generate monthly bills to include details of customer calls, listed in order of time of call. 

Which table organization allows for generating the bills with minimum degree of row sorting? 

A. a hash cluster 

B. an index cluster 

C. a partitioned table 

D. a sorted hash cluster 

E. a heap table with a rowid column 

Answer: B 

Q115. Identify three reasons for using a recovery catalog with Recovery Manager (RMAN). 

A. to store backup information of multiple databases in one place 

B. to restrict the amount of space that is used by backups 

C. to maintain a backup for an indefiniteperiod of time by using the KEEPFOREVERclause 

D. to store RMAN scripts that are available to any RMAN client that can connect to target databasesregistered in the recovery catalog 

E. to automatically delete obsolete backups after a specified period of time 

Answer: C,D,E 

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Q116. Which three statements correctly describe the relationship amongst jobs, programs, and schedules within the Oracle Job Scheduler? 

A. A job is specified as part of a program definition. 

B. A program can be used in the definition of multiple jobs. 

C. A program and job can be specified as part of a schedule definition. 

D. A program and schedule can be specified as part of a job definition. 

E. A program and window can be specified as part of a job definition. 

Answer: B,C,D 


Q117. In a database supporting an OLTP workload, tables are frequently updated on both key and non-keycolumns. 

Reports are also generated by joining multiple tables. 

Which table organization or type would provide the best performance for this hybrid workload? 

A. heap table with a primary key index 

B. external table 

C. hash clustered table 

D. global temporary table 

E. index clustered table 

Answer: E 

Q118. Examine the command and its output: SQL> DROP TABLE EMPLOYEE; 

SQL> SELECT object_name AS recycle_name, original_name, type FROM recyclebin; 


binsgk31sj/3akk5hg3j21kl5j3d==$0EMPLOYEE TABLE 

You then successfully execute the command: 

SQL> FLASHBACK TABLE "BINSgk31sj/3akk5hg3j21kl5j3d==$0" TO BEFORE DROP; 

Which two statements are true? 

A. It flashes back the employee table and all the constraints associated with the table. 

B. It automatically flashes back all the indexes on the employes table. 

C. It automatically flashes back any triggers defined on the table. 

D. It flashes back only the structure of the table and not the data. 

E. It flashes back the data from the recycle bin and the existing data in the original table is permanently lost. 

Answer: B,D 

Q119. Your database is running in noarchivelog mode. One of the data files belonging to the system tablespace is corrupted. You notice that all online redo logs have been overwritten since the last backup. 

Which method would you use to recover the data file? 

A. Shut down the instance if not already shut down, restore all data files belonging to the system tablespace from the last backup, and restart the instance. 

B. Shut down the instance if not already shut down, restore the corrupted data file belonging to the system tablespace from the last backup, and restart the instance. 

C. Shut down the instance if not already shut down, restore all data files for the entire database from the last backup, and restart the instance. 

D. Mount the database, restore all data files belonging to the system tablespace from the last backup, and open the database. 

Answer: C 

Q120. Which three statements are true regarding the use of the Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU)? 

A. A DBA can check specific tables with the DMU 

B. The database to be migrated must be opened read-only. 

C. The release of the database to be converted can be any release since 

D. The DMUcan report columns that are too long in the converted characterset 

E. The DMUcan report columns that are not represented in the converted characterset 

Answer: A,D,E 

Explanation: A: In certain situations, you may want to exclude selected columns or tables from scanning or conversion steps of the migration process. 

D: Exceed column limit 

The cell data will not fit into a column after conversion. 

E: Need conversion 

The cell data needs to be converted, because its binary representation in the target 

character set is different than the representation in the current character set, but neither 

length limit issues nor invalid representation issues have been found.