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Q31. When using IORM, which statement accurately describes when redo log file writes take place? 

A. Based on the priority of the user 

B. Immediately 

C. Based on the resource group of the user 

D. Based on the intradatabase resource plan 

Answer: B

Q32. Your customer would like to use DBFS in their Exadata environment. They are asking you for the key characteristic of DBFS on Exadata. 

A. DBFS in an Exadata environment is faster than an NFS mount system because of the Smart Scan performance gains. 

B. Tens of thousands of files are the perfect use case for DBFS on Exadata. 

C. DBFS offers tremendous I/O bandwidth. 

Answer: B 

Q33. When should you use Hybrid Columnar Compression? 

A. always 

B. on large active tables where deeper compression is desired 

C. on tables or partitions that have fairly static data 

D. on every table where Advanced Compression is not used 

Answer: C 

Q34. Which two migration will result in the least down time for a physical or logical migration of a database with active users during the migration? 

A. using GoldenGate 

B. using SQL Developer migration tools 

C. using Data Guard Physical Standby 

D. using cross-platform transportable tablespaces 

E. using incremental cross-platform RMAN restore 

Answer: AE 

Q35. Consider this CellCLI command: 


Which two statements describe what happens when you execute this command? 

A. It creates one 423 GB grid disk on the first available cell hard disk. 

B. It creates one 423 GB grid disk on each available cell hard disk. 

C. It creates grid disks on the outermost 423 GB that is available on each hard disk. 

D. It creates grid disks on the innermost 423 GB that is available on each hard disk. 

E. It creates an Exadata Smart Flash Cache on all flash drives. 

Answer: BC 

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Q36. After migrating from legacy disk-based configuration, which three approaches would you use to evaluate the efficiency of Exadata Flash Cache? 

A. Review the Flash Hit rate via cellcli metrics. 

B. Compare Optimized Physical Reads and Total Read Requests in Automatic Workload Repository (AWR). 

C. Review the IOSTAT data that is gathered from each compute node by OS Watcher. 

D. Evaluate the Smart Flash Logging efficiency metrics via CellCLI. 

E. Check I/O latency on large I/O to Temp in AWR. 

Answer: ACD 

Q37. Your customer is hesitant to install the Oracle Configuration Manager in their environment. Give them three ways in which it will benefit their Exadata Database Machine support experience and potentially resolve some of the issues they are having with the length of time it is taking Oracle to process their Exadata Service Requests (SRs). 

A. Host information can be gathered and sent to Oracle for license compliance. 

B. Potential issues can be addressed before they impact operations. 

C. Priority handling can be extended for SRs, with attached configuration. 

D. Exadata patching cannot be done successfully without the Oracle Configuration Manager. 

E. Root cause analysis can be accelerated. 

Answer: BCE 

Q38. Identify three best practices for applying asmdeactivationoutcome es on Exadata Database Servers and ExadataStorage Servers? 

A. Backing up database servers and storage cells is not recommended before performing planned maintenance. 

B. Database server updates can be rolled back using the the “yum downgrade" procedure. 

C. Bundle patches do not require testing before being installed on a production system. 

D. It is recommended that Exadata systems with Data Guard configured use the "Standby First" patching approach. 

E. Patching should never be interrupted due to a connection drop. It is therefore recommended that you use VNC or the screen utility. 

F. Before patching cells in a rolling manner, you must check asmdeactivationoutcome amModestatus and make sure that cells on all disks are online and that disks can be deactivated. 

Answer: DEF 

Q39. When an Exadata Storage Server hard disk failure alert is received, what manual action must you take to restore the system to full redundancy? 

A. Replace the disk and run MegaCLI to rebuild the degenerate mirror. 

B. No manual action is required because Automatic Storage Management (ASM) fast mirror resync is automatic 

C. No manual action is required because ASM rebalancing isautomatic. 

D. Replace the disk and manually copy the mirror extents to the new drive. 


Answer: C 


Which two statements are true about migrating your database to Exadata? 

A) Because Exadata uses InfiniBand, in order to migrate your database to Exadata, you must have InfiniBand on the system that you are migrating from. 

B) Using Data Guard Physical Standby to migrate from an 11.1 database to Exadata is beneficial because it allows you to adopt HCC during migration. 

C) ASM and database best practice configuration supplied during Exadata deployment should be retained during and after migration, 

D) Logical migration methods allow more flexibility than physical methods to change the database structure for best performance. 

E) All indexes should be dropped when migrating to Exadata. 

Answer: CE