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Q1. Which CellCLI command is used to conclude that a storage server can be taken offline without impacting database availability? 

A. LIST GRIDDISK ATTRIBUTES name, asmDeactivationOutcome; 


C. LIST CELL ATTRIBUTES cellsrvStatus, flashCacheMode; 

D. LIST CELLDISK ATTRIBUTES name, raidLevel, asmModeStatus; 



Q2. Which statement is true about Exadata Storage Servers? 

A. The Exadata Storage Server automatically deletes old diagnostic and metric files. 

B. Exadata requires a running database instance on all storage servers and database servers. 

C. Redundancy for user data stored in a database that is running on Exadata is achieved with RAID5. 

D. Communication between a database and an Exadata storage flows over low latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet. 

E. Exadata uses network affinity to determine which storage server data is written. 


Q3. A customer has three databases named CC. FIN, and DW. The CC database is fortheir CallCenter. Even a slight decrease in the response time of the database would mean more people "on hold" in their data center. The orders received through the CallCenter are stored in the Finance(FIN) database. Both databases, CC and FIN, serve as sources for the Data Warehouse (DW) database. All databases use the same Automatic Storage Management (ASM) diskgroup and therefore, the same physical disks on Exadata storage. The customer wants to dynamically control the resources that are available for the CallCenter database because this has direct impact on their operations? 

Which option should be implemented? 

A. DBRMon the CC database 

B. DBRM on all the databases 

C. IORM, because DBRM cannot be changed for an existing session 



Q4. The mpstat output from OS Watcher shows a database node as being90%idle on an average.Whatwould you do to get a full picture of CPU utilization on the entire Exadata RAC cluster? 

A. Average the mpstat id1 output from all the nodes. 

B. Ask application users if they have noticed a slowdown in screen response. 

C. Look for an increase in batch job servicing times. 

D. A & B above 


Q5. Which two migration will result in the least down time for a physical or logical migration of a database with active users during the migration? 

A. using GoldenGate 

B. using SQL Developer migration tools 

C. using Data Guard Physical Standby 

D. using cross-platform transportable tablespaces 

E. using incremental cross-platform RMAN restore 

Answer: AE 

Q6. Identify two tasks that the Database Resource Manager can perform, which the I/O Resource Manager cannot. 

A. Manage I/O based on the application that is connected to the database. 

B. Manage the number of parallel sessions for a query. 

C. Manage I/O and CPU between databases on the same cluster or physical database host. 

D. Terminate database sessions when certain limits have been reached. 

E. Manage the throughput of an I/O-bound application based on the service name used for the connection. 

Answer: BD 


Which two statements are true about migrating your database to Exadata? 

A) Because Exadata uses InfiniBand, in order to migrate your database to Exadata, you must have InfiniBand on the system that you are migrating from. 

B) Using Data Guard Physical Standby to migrate from an 11.1 database to Exadata is beneficial because it allows you to adopt HCC during migration. 

C) ASM and database best practice configuration supplied during Exadata deployment should be retained during and after migration, 

D) Logical migration methods allow more flexibility than physical methods to change the database structure for best performance. 

E) All indexes should be dropped when migrating to Exadata. 

Answer: CE 

Q8. Identify two reasons why using external tables for high performance data loads on Exadata is more advantageous than SQL*Loader. 

A. Transformations can be applied directly on the file data using SQL or PL/SQL constructions. 

B. External tables allow transparent parallelization inside the database. 

C. Parallelizing loads with external tables enables more efficient space management. 

D. External tables can take advantage of storage indexes to speed up data loads. 


Q9. Why is ASM High redundancy an important configuration choice when rolling Exadata Storage Server patching is planned? 

A. High redundancy protects from partner disk failure while a cell is offline being updated. 

B. High redundancy forces ASM rebalance before allowing disks to be taken offline. 

C. High redundancy speeds up ASM fast mirror resync when a cell is brought back online after patching. 

D. Normal redundancy provides the same protection during rolling patching, so High redundancy is not important inthis case 


Q10. Identify two ways to reduce the risks associated with the software updates that are performed on a production Exadata system. 

A. Patch all systems at once instead of one at a time. 

B. Test on an Exadata system that is identical to the production system first. 

C. Updating an engineered system has no risk. 

D. Patch on the standby system first by using Data Guard Standby First Patch Apply. 

E. Create a system-wide firmware and software snapshot first. 

Answer: BD