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Q31. An administrator is creating a new Automated Linked-Clone desktop pool. The administrator has also created a new parent virtual machine and has installed the View Agent.

Which additional step must be taken before the desktop is prepared for use in a Linked- Clone pool?

A. Restart the virtual machine and clone to template.

B. Power off the virtual machine and take a snapshot.

C. Enable provisioning in View Administrator.

D. Enable provisioning in View Composer.

Answer: B

Q32. An administrator needs to install View Composer. The current environment uses a vCenter Server appliance and four ESXi hosts.

Which two steps should the administrator take to complete the installation? (Choose two.)

A. Log in using a domain user account with local Administrator privileges.

B. Install the View Composer server on the vCenter Server.

C. Log in using Administrator@vsphere.local.

D. Install the View Composer server on a standalone Windows server.

Answer: A,D

Q33. An administrator needs to create 1000 virtual machines with minimal shared disk space. Additionally, the administrator needs to be able to update the images while ensuring that the users' information is managed in a central location.

Which VMware components should be used to meet the requirements?

A. VMware Horizon View with Persona Management

B. VMware Horizon View with vSphere Data Protection

C. VMware Workspace with vSphere Data Protection

D. VMware Workspace with Persona Management

Answer: A

Q34. An organization has deployed a View environment. Users need to connect USB devices to their View sessions.

✑ All client endpoints are Windows 7 thin clients.

✑ A firewall is in place through which all network traffic flows.

✑ All Windows patches are up to date on guest virtual machines and endpoints.

Users report that USB devices are not connecting to the View sessions when they are plugged in to the thin clients.

What are two reasons that could cause this behavior? (Choose two.)

A. TCP port 9427 is closed on the firewall.

B. TCP port 32111 is closed on the firewall.

C. Windows Mobile Device Center is preventing USB redirection.

D. USB redirection drivers on the guest virtual machine are missing or disabled.

Answer: B,D

Q35. After creating an Upload policy for a group of users, an administrator has found a significant increase in storage usage by Mirage. After further investigation, the administrator finds that the increase is a result of users storing personal MP3 libraries on

the system.

What should the administrator do to prevent these files from being protected while allowing the users to store the files on the system?

A. Add a Rule to the User Area for MP3 files in the Upload policy.

B. Create a Collection labeled Exclude MP3s.

C. Add a Rule Exception to the Unprotected Area for MP3 files in the Upload policy.

D. Add a Rule to the Unprotected Area for MP3 files in the Upload policy.

Answer: A

Q36. During the process of pairing a View security server, the administrator aborts the operation and attempts to run the pairing process again. The security server status displayed in the View Administrator dashboard isdown, and remote usersreceivethe following message when attempting to connect:

The View Connection Server authentication failed. No gateway is available to provide a secure connection to a desktop. Contact your network Administrator.

What should the administrator do to resolve the issue?

A. In the View Connection Server instance click More Commands>Specify a Security Server Pairing Password then enter a new password and install the security server again.

B. Run vdmadmin -S security_server_name and then install the security server again.

C. In the View Connection Server instance click More Commands>Specify a Security Server Pairing Passwords then enter a password and restart the View Connection Server service.

D. Run vdmadmin -S security_server_name and restart the View Connection Server service.

Answer: A

Q37. An administrator needs to install a legacy application to a Dedicated Full Clone Pool inside

of View. A ThinApp package is successfully created and assigned to the pool. The ThinApp application status on the virtual desktops remains at Pending. Rebooting a desktop fails to resolve the issue.

Which two steps should the administrator take to determine the cause of the problem? (Choose two.)

A. Verify that the folder or share containing the ThinApp packages has the appropriate permissions set.

B. Verify that the application package is an executable (.exe).

C. Verify that the application was not already installed on the virtual desktop.

D. Verify that there is enough disk space on the virtual desktop.

Answer: C,D

Q38. An administrator needs an Active Directory service account to use for Quickprep. The organization's policies do not allow the service account to create new computer accounts in Active Directory. Pre-existing computer accounts must be reused.

Which three Active Directory permissions are required for the service account? (Choose three.)

A. List Contents

B. Read All Properties

C. Delete Computer Object

D. Reset Password

E. Write All Properties

Answer: A,B,D

Q39. An administrator needs to set up SSL certificates that are signed by a third-party Certificate Authority for the View Connection and security servers.

Which two configuration steps must the administrator complete? (Choose two.)

A. Modify the certificate friendly name to vdm.

B. Run the sviconfig ReplaceCertificate utility to bind the new certificate.

C. Modify the certificate friendly name to view.

D. Import the SSL certificate into the Windows local system certificate store on the View servers.

Answer: A,D

Q40. An administrator in a large organization needs to delegate authority to manage a group of desktops to another administrator at a remote site. The desktops have been placed in a folder in View Administrator so that a user can be assigned to manage those desktops only.

The remote site administrator must be able to:

✑ Perform all desktop, session, and pool-related operations

✑ Manage persistent disks

✑ Resync, Refresh, and Rebalance linked-clone pools and change the default pool image

What is the most restrictive predefined role that can be assigned to meet these requirements?

A. Administrators

B. Agent Registration Administrators

C. Global Configuration and Policy Administrators

D. Inventory Administrators

Answer: D