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Q21. Which four occur during batch combination processing when using COMBO_DATA_TBL? 

A. The process loops through the combination groups and determines if the Master Selector tables are built for a group. If the tables are not built, it builds them dynamically according to the rules using the Application Engine temporary tables. 

B. If the anchor ChartField does not have a Combination Rule defined for it, the line is marked with the state that you selected-either Mark Invalid or Mark Valid on the ChartField Combination Editing Group page for the Anchor Values Not in Rules fielD. 

C. If the combination exists in the data table, it marks the line as valid or invalid depending on the Combination Group Defines option that you selecteD. 

D. It validates whether a Combination Edit Group is associated with a Business Unit and Ledger Group. 

E. H the anchor ChartField value has a Combination Rule defined for it but the entire combination is not found In the COMBO_DATA_TBL, the combination fails the edit. 

Answer: B,C,D,E 

Q22. Which three items must be completed on the Import Journals Now page? 

A. Date 

B. User ID 

C. Password 

D. Business Unit 

E. Ledger name 

F. URL to PeopleSoft database 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q23. Your retail client is performing a PeopleSoft implementation. They have these requirements: 

1. ChartField POS to capture Point of Sale information 

2. ChartField to accommodate up to 15 alphanumeric characters 

3. Minimum setup and configuration 

Select a series of steps that will best accomplish the requirements. 

A. Add a new ChartField and relabel the ChartField namE. 

B. Add a new ChartField and change the display lengtH. 

C. Activate an expansion ChartField, relabel the ChartField name, and change the ChartField display length. 

D. Activate an expansion ChartField, relabel the ChartField name, and resize the field lengtH. 


Q24. The open GL Accounting Period is 06/01/2008 07/31/2008. The current date is 07/03/2008. 

Which two Journal Date options in the Journal Generator Template should John use to ensure that all the resulting GL Journal Dates fall into the June 2008 Accounting Period? 

A. Current Date 

B. Process Date 

C. End Date-To Period 

D. Begin Date-To Period 

E. End Date-From Period 

F. Begin Date-From Period 

G. Period End-Accounting Date 

H. Accounting Date on Transaction 

Answer: C,H 

Q25. On the General Ledger Definition - Journal Options page, the journal options are set by______. 

A. SetID 

B. Ledger 

C. Control Group 

D. Tree 

E. Ledger Group 

F. Business Unit 


Reference: ( 

Q26. When deferred processing is enabled, most fields on the journal entry are not updated or validated until you perform one of these two actions. 

A. Save the page. 

B. Use SpeedTypes. 

C. Tab to a new field. 

D. Click a button, link, or page tab. 

Answer: A,D 

Q27. Which three statements correctly describe tree nodes? 

A. The root node is always a parent nodE. 

B. The parent node is the first node of the treE. 

C. Sibling nodes have the same parent nodE. 

D. The parent node has other nodes reporting to it. 

E. Nodes at the same level are always sibling nodes. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q28. You have a large journal (not yet posted) with many lines that use account 601231. This account value was entered erroneously and must be changed to 601232. 

What is the most efficient way to make this correction? 

A. Use SQL to fix this journal. 

B. Use the Change Values hyperlink. 

C. Use the Errors tab to make corrections. 

D. Use the Search Criteria hyperlink to locate each line by using this account. 


Q29. In which primary ChartField(s) does Year End Close allow a company to close out P&L balances to retained earnings? 

A. Fund 

B. Account and Alternate Account 

C. Project 

D. Account and Department 

E. Department 

F. Operating Unit 


Q30. The Accounts Payable Liability account 210000 is set as a Control Account. The current account balance is SO. 

Two Journal entries are made in the current perioD. 

Entry 1 Through Journal Generator 

What is the expected balance for Business Unit USOO1 in Local ledger for account 210000 after the Journal Post process is run? 

A. Entry 1 and Entry 2 are ValiD. The account balance is $-1200. 

B. Entry 1 and Entry 2 are Invalid for a Control Account. The account balance is $0. " 

C. Entry 1 is Invalid for a Control Account. Entry 2 is ValiD. The account balance is $-200. 

D. Entry l is ValiD. Entry 2 is Invalid for a Control Account. The account balance is $-1000.