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Q31. IT Operations had observed short CPU spikes and I/O storms prior to a retail website outage. Which functionality of Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Databases would you implement to diagnose and resolve the customers issue? 

A. Active Workload History to collect SQL at the time of its execution. 

B. SQL Performance Analyzer to capture the information in the SGA, the sessions active, and analyze theSQL executing. 

C. Oracle Workload Advisor that automatically turns on and captures the offending SQL Statements whenthresholds are reached. 

D. Active Session History to capture sessions and dump the SQL executing, performance attributes andrelevant information into a buffer for analysis. 

E. Active SQL History Analyzer to doperform a comparison of SQL statements before and after. 

F. Oracle Exadata, as it already includes Diagnostic Pack for Oracle Database. 

Answer: F 

Q32. Upon migration to Oracle Database 12c, a customer asked that monitoring at an individualdatabase level be disabled in favor of database performance monitoring consolidated and centralized across their enterprise. 

Which are two actions you would take to meet the customer's requirements? 

A. Disable Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express by setting the HTTP Port to 0. 

B. For the always active Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express process, create a script that willdisable that process upon database boot. 

C. Using the appropriate architectureimplement Oracle Enterprise Manager. 

D. Delete the “express” directory in Oracle Home to disable Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express. 

E. Changes permissions of the “express” directory to real only by root. 

F. Enable SNMP and configure MIBS on each databaseand forward database monitoring SNMP traps. 

Answer: B,E 

Q33. Which is the default statistics gatheringperiod for Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitoring (ADDM)? 

A. every 30 seconds 

B. every 60 minutes 

C. every 30 minutes 

D. every 24 hoursE. every 40 hours 

Answer: A 

Q34. Which action can beperformed by using Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express Performance Hub? 

A. View health status and performance of an Oracle Database instance via Database Control. 

B. Launch and view STATSPACK reports. 

C. View real-time and historical Oracle Database performance information. 

D. View only real-time Oracle Database performance information. 

E. View only historical Oracle Database performance information. 

F. Consolidate ADDM, AWR, and ASH repositories within an enterprise and enable centralized performancereporting. 

Answer: C 

Q35. Which product technology can assist an Application Developer to capture a full production workload and replay on a test system database? 

A. Oracle Database Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Database 

B. Oracle Database Replay and Testing Suite 

C. Oracle SQL Developer 

D. Oracle Real Application Testing 

E. Oracle Real Tuning Pack for Oracle Database 

Answer: D 

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Q36. An advanced fault diagnostic infrastructure introduced as of Oracle Database 11g, assigns an incidentnumber and diagnostic data when a critical error occurs. What is the feature and where does it store that data? 

A. Oracle Enterprise Manager. Data is stored in the OEM Repository. 

B. MyOracle Support. Data is stored in Oracle Cloud. 

C. Automatic Workload Repository. Data is stored in views inside the Oracle database. 

D. Automatic Diagnostic Repository. Data is stored in views inside the Oracle database. 

E. Automatic Diagnostic Repository. Data is stored in a file-based repository outside the database. 

Answer: E 


The data is then stored in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) — a file-based repository outside the database 


Q37. Which four use cases could Database Replay be used to test for database performance changes? 

A. a change in operating system versions 

B. compare Flashback workload 

C. check a workload from a single instance on an Oracle RAC database 

D. check a workload after database parameters have been changed 

E. check a workload from one database release on another database released 

F. upgrade an application 

Answer: B,C,D,E 

Q38. Which two would automatically create an entry inV$SQL_MONITOR? 

A. a parallelized SQL statement 

B. any SQL statement run 

C. any DML statement 

D. a statement that consumes at least 1 second of CPU or I/O time. 

E. a statement that consumes at least 5 second of CPU or I/O time. 

F. any DDL statement 

Answer: C,F 


Q39. When performing performance analysis of Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) databases, what are three Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitoring (ADDM) analysis modes that are available? 

A. Database 

B. Instance 

C. Partial 

D. Sample 

E. Average 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q40. Which are two strategies to maintain performance and improve a table segment's compression ratio when you are using Advanced Row Compression on a table segment? 

A. Use smaller database block size. 

B. Use larger database block size. 

C. Use direct-path inserts wherepossible. 

D. IncreasePCTFREEon the table segment. 

E. Increase the size of the tablespace. 

Answer: A,E