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2021 Sep 1Z0-821 exam guide

Q41. - (Topic 1) 

_________ serves as the interface between the SMF repository and the user to ensure that a consistent,picture of the repository is presented to the user. 

A. repository.db 

B. service manifest 

C. svc.startd 

D. svc.configd 

Answer: D 


SVC.CONFIGD is the repository daemon responsible for maintaining /etc/svc/repository.db. The repository.db must come clean during this integrity check otherwise it is a "no go" for usual boot sequence to run level 3. The repository may get corrupted due to various hardware issues,software bugs,disk write failures,etc. 

Note: When svc.configd(1M),the Solaris Repository Daemon,is started,it does an integrity check of the smf(5) repository,stored in /etc/svc/repository.db. This integrity check can fail due to a disk failure,the database file being corrupted either due to a hardware bug,a software bug,or an accidental overwrite. If the integrity check fails,svc.configd will write a message to the console. 

Q42. - (Topic 1) 

You are logged in as root to a newly installed Solaris 11 system. You issue the command useradd -d,and then examine the /usr/sadm/defadduser file. This file includes the entry defshell=/bin/sh. Which shell will now be the default for the next account created? 

A. bash shell 

B. C shell 

C. korn shod 

D. bourne shell 

Answer: A 


Oracle Solaris 11 introduces user environment and command-line argument changes that include the following: 


 Shell changes - The default shell,/bin/sh,is now linked to ksh93. The default user shell is the Bourne-again (bash) shell. 


 The legacy Bourne shell is available as /usr/sunos/bin/sh. 


 The legacy ksh88 is available as /usr/sunos/bin/ksh from the shell/ksh88 package. 


 Korn shell compatibility information is available in /usr/share/doc/ksh/COMPATIBILITY. 

Q43. - (Topic 2) 

You have already generated a 256-bit AES raw key and named the keystore file /mykey. You need to use the key to create an encrypted file system. 

Which command should you use to create a ZFS encrypted file system named pool1/encrypt using the /mykey keystore? 

A. zfs create - o encryption = /mykey pool1/encrypt 

B. zfs create - o encryption = 256-ccm - o keysource = raw,file : ///my key pool1/encrypt 

C. zfs create - o encryption = AES keysource = /mykey pool1/encrypt 

D. zfs create - o encryption = on keystore = /mykey pool1/encrypt 

Answer: B Explanation: 

Example: Encrypting a ZFS File System by Using a Raw Key 

In the following example,an aes-256-ccm encryption key is generated by using the pktool command and is written to a file,/cindykey.file. 

# pktool genkey keystore=file outkey=/cindykey.file keytype=aes keylen=256 Then,the /cindykey.file is specified when the tank/home/cindy file system is created. 

# zfs create -o encryption=aes-256-ccm -o keysource=raw,file:///cindykey.file tank/home/cindys 

Q44. - (Topic 1) 

User jack logs in to host solaris and then attempts to log in to host oracle using ssh. He receives the following error message: 

The authenticity of host oracle ( can't be established. RSA key fingerprint is 3B:23:a5:6d:ad:a5:76:83:9c:c3:c4:55:a5:18:98:a6 

Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? 

Which two are true? 

A. The public host key supplied by solaria is not known to the host oracle. 

B. The error would not occur if the RSA key fingerprint shown in the error message was added to the /etc/ssh/known_hosts file on solaris. 

C. The private host key supplied by oracle is not known to solaris. 

D. If jack answers yes,the RSA public key for the host oracle will be added to the known_hosts file for the user jack. 

E. The public host key supplied by oracle is not known to the host solaris. 

Answer: B,D 


The fingerprints are used to guard against man in the middle attacks. Since ssh logins 

usually work over the internet (an insecure connection),someone could hijack your 

connection. When you try to log into,he could get "in the middle" and 

return your challenge as if he was That way,he could get hold of your 

login password. 

To make this attack harder,ssh stores the fingerprint of the server's public key on the first 

connection attempt. You will see a prompt like: 

The authenticity of host 'eisen (137.43.366.64)' can't be established. 

RSA key fingerprint is cf:55:30:31:7f:f0:c4:a0:9a:02:1d:1c:41:cf:63:cf. 

Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no) 

When you enter yes,ssh will add the fingerprint to your known_hosts file. you will see 


Warning: Permanently added 'eisen,137.43.366.64' (RSA) to the list of known hosts. 

The next time you login,ssh will check whether the host key has changed. A changing host 

key usually indicates a man in the middle attack,and ssh refuses to connect. 

Q45. - (Topic 2) 

You want to configure an iSCSI target device on your system. 

Select the group package required to install this functionality on your system. 

A. storage-server 

B. solaris-small-server 

C. storage-avs 

D. storage-nas 

Answer: A 


How to Create an iSCSI LUN 

The disk volume provided by the server is referred to as When the LUN is 

associated with an iSCSI target,it can be accessed by an iSCSI initiator. 

The following tasks are completed on the system that is providing the storage device. 

1. Install the COMSTAR storage server software. 

target# pkg install storage-server 


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Q46. - (Topic 2) 

Solaris 11 includes a redesigned software packaging model: the Image Packaging system. 

Which three describe advantages of the Image Packaging System over the previous Solaris 10 SVR4 packaging model? 

A. Eliminates patching of the software package 

B. Makes the patching process more efficient with less downtime 

C. Eliminates OS version upgrade 

D. Allows for the installation of the OS without a local DVD or installation server 

E. Allows the use of a repository mirror to speed up package operation 

F. Allows users to publish their own software package in a software repository 

Answer: A,D,F 


A: In contrast to the SVR4 packaging model used in earlier Oracle Solaris releases,IPS eliminates the need for patching. 

Q47. - (Topic 1) 

You enter dladm show-phys,which provides the following output: 

You then enter: 

ipadm create-ip net3 

What is the output? 

A. ipadm: cannot; create interface net3: Operation failed. 

B. ipadm: cannot create interface net3: Interface already exists. 

C. ipadm: cannot create interface net3: IP address object not specified. 

D. No_response,The command was successful. 

Answer: B 


According to the exhibit the interface already exists. 

The command ipadm create-ip net3 is supposed to create a new interface net3. 

Q48. - (Topic 2) 

You wish to troubleshoot some issues that you are having on the system. You want to monitor the /var/adm/messages file in real time. Which command would you use to do this? 

A. head 

B. tail 

C. cat 

D. file 

E. test 

Answer: B 


tail is a program on Unix and Unix-like systems used to display the last few lines of a text file or piped data. 

By default,tail will print the last 10 lines of its input to the standard output. With command line options the number of lines printed and the printing units (lines,blocks or bytes) may be changed. The following example shows the last 20 lines of filename: tail -n 20 filename 

Q49. - (Topic 1) 

You created an IP address for interface not.3 with the following command,which executed 


ipadm create-addr –T static –a net3/v4 

You then ran: 

ipadm show–if 

The result indicated that the interface was down. 

You then ran: 

ipadm delete-addr net3/v4 

ipadm create-addr –T static –a net3/v4 

ipadm show-if 

The last command indicated that the interface was up. 

Why did it work with the second address specified,but not the first? 

A. The address is reserved for broadcast messages. 

B. Another device exists on the network,using the address. 

C. The network interface card does not support the address 

D. The address is at a boundary and may not be configured in Oracle Solaris 11. 

E. is a DHCP address and may not be statically configured in Oracle Solaris 


Answer: B 


The first IP address is already in use. 

Q50. - (Topic 1) 

The /usr/bin/p7zip file that is part of the p7zip package has been overwritten. This server is critical to production and cannot be rebooted. Identify the command that would restore the file without requiring a reboot. 

A. pkg verify p7zip 

B. pkg fix p7sip 

C. pkg rebuild-index p7zip 

D. pkg revert p7zip 

E. pkg uninstsll p7zip 

F. pkg install p7zip 

G. pkg install --no-backup-be p7sip 

H. pkg refresh p7zip 

Answer: D 


Use the pkg revert command to restore files to their as-delivered condition.