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2021 Sep 1Z0-432 exam price

Q1. Which are the correct steps required to discover targets manually, using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c? 

A. Enterprise > Configuration > Search 

B. Targets > All Targets > Configure 

C. Setup > Manage CloudControl > Management Services 

D. Setup > Add Target > Add Targets Manually 

E. Setup > Discover Targets > Add Targets Manually 

Answer: D 

Q2. Which two components are included in Oracle CloudFS? 

A. ASM Cluster File System 

B. Oracle Database 

C. Oracle ASM Dynamic Volume Manager 

D. Oracle Clusterware 

Answer: A,C 

Q3. To configure the networkinpreparation for installing the Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a 

cluster, a number of tasks have been listed. 

1.Assign a public andprivate IP. 

2.Define a SCAN that resolves to six IP addresses in your DNS. 

3.Assign a virtual IP on a different subnet from the public 

4.Identify the interface and IP addresses for only the first node in your RAC 

5.Determine your cluster name 

6.Assign a Virtual IP on the same subnet as your public IP. 

Identify the correct order of the tasks that apply to this effort. 

A. 1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6 

B. 1, 5,6 

C. 2, 4, 6 

D. 1, 4,5,6 

Answer: B 

Q4. Which statement about ACFS and ADVM under Flex ASM is incorrect? 

A. ADVM proxy instance is required for ADVM and ACFS to connect to flex ASM. 

B. An ADVM proxy instance must run on the same node as ADVM and ACFS. 

C. The ADVM proxy instance is configured on all Hub and Leaf nodes in a Flex cluster. 

D. The ADVM proxy instance has its ORACLE_SID set to +APX<node number>. 

E. Administrators can shut down the ADVM proxy if ACFS is not running on the node. 

Answer: C 

Q5. You are preparing two Oracle Linux nodes, node1 and node2, for the installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure, you plan to use the existing Linux users "grid" as Grid Infrastructure software. 

What task must be performed before installing the Grid Infrastructure? 

A. Change the user "grid' initial login group to "dba" 

B. No task must be performed. 

C. Change the user ID ofthe grid user in node1, node2, or both nodes to guarantee that the user IDs are equal 

D. Add "users" to supplementary groups of "grid" in node1. Or, alternatively remove "users" from supplementary groups ofnode2 "grid." 

E. Use another Linux user as "grid" might be used for other purposes. 

Answer: C 



1Z0-432  exam question

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Q6. Which statement about Oracle Flex ASM is incorrect? 

A. Oracle Flex ASM enables an Oracle ASM instance to run on a separate physical server from the databaseservers. 

B. With Flex ASM, a smaller pool of ASM instances can be used to serve a large pool of database servers. 

C. Flex ASM requires the configuration of Flex Clusters. 

D. Flex ASM can be configured on either a standard cluster or a Flex Cluster. 

E. Higher availability can be achieved with Flex ASM because if an ASM instance fails, its clients can reconnect to another ASM instance 

Answer: C 

Q7. What is the mandatory step for a media recovery of RAC 12cR1 database with encrypted 


A. You must close the Oracle Wallet after database mount and before opening the database. 

B. You must open the Oracle Wallet after database nomount and before opening the database. 

C. You must relocate the sqlnet.ora file and remove it from $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin. 

D. You must open the Oracle Wallet after database mount and before opening database. 

Answer: D 

Q8. Which is the correct syntax to create an asmlib disk? 

DISK1 = asmlib disk name 

/dev/sdb1 = first device partition 

/dev/sdb = device name 

A. /usr/sbin/oracleasmadddisk DISK1/dev/sdfa 

B. /usr/sbin/oracleasmcreatedisk DISK1/dev/sdb1 

C. /usr/sbin/oracleasmcreatedisk DISK1/dev/sdb 

D. /usr/sbin/oracleasm map DISK1/dev/sdb 

Answer: B 

Q9. On a new OracleGrid Infrastructure 12cR1 system,you notice that Oracle Flex ASM has been configured.Which two reasons are valid for configuring Grid Infrastructureinthis manner? 

A. Increased highavailability of database instances 

B. Simple gridinfrastructure configuration and easiermaintenance 

C. Increased spare memory on reserved nodes 

D. Better performance for the underlying storage hardware 

Answer: A,B 

Q10. Identify two correct statements about stopping instances and Oracle RAC databases 

A. To shut down an Oracle RAC database completely, you must shut down every instance that has the database open or mounted. 

B. After a NORMAL or IMMEDIATE shutdown, instance recovery is required 

C. srvctl stop instance shuts down the Oracle RAC database. 

D. crsctl stop crs stops the stack on the node, including the database instance. 

Answer: A,D