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Q41. Select the three ways OUM Manage can be scaled or made fit-for-purpose. 

A. by considering the depth to which specific tasks and activities are executed 

B. by adding more iterations to the workplan 

C. by combining tasks or executing at the activity level 

D. by including additional tasks to the workplan 

E. by eliminating unnecessary tasks from the workplan 

Answer: B,C,E 

Explanation: B:Iterative and Incremental 

OUM recognizes the advantages of an iterative and incremental approach to development and deployment of information systems. Any of the tasks within OUM may be iterated. Whether or not to iterate, as well as the number of iterations, varies. Tasks may be iterated to increase quality of the work products to a desired level, to add sufficient level of detail, or to refine and expand the work products on the basis of user feedback 

C:you should consider whether it is advisable or appropriate to combine tasks or to execute your project using OUM’s activities – which are groupings of tasks. 


Our next step is to eliminate activities/tasks that are not needed. Consider the following: 

1.Don’t eliminate anything in the Core Workflow without carefully consideration. 

2.Review any available supplemental guidance. 

3.Consider removing activities/tasks NOT included in the Estimate and/or Proposal. 

4.Determine if it’s possible to eliminate all if not most of some processes. For example, consider removing the following processes and corresponding activities and/or tasks, if your project does not include ANY requirements for them: 

.Performance Management 

.Organizational Change Management 


.Data Acquisition and Conversion 

Q42. Select the two plans that are always active in the project at any given time. 

A. Transition Plan 

B. Training Plan 

C. Implementation Plan D. Iteration Plan 

E. Inception Plan 

Answer: C,D 

Explanation: There are two plans active in the project at any given time – the implementation plan and the iteration plan. 

Q43. Select the three key project roles as prescribed by OUM Manage. 

A. Stakeholder 

B. Change Control Board 

C. Issue Review Board 

D. Project Team 

E. Testing Committee 

Answer: A,B,D 

Explanation: A:Project managers use OUM to make sure they and their stakeholders develop a shared understanding of what is needed, choose an appropriate architecture, and transfer the ownership of the end-product to the stakeholders. 

B:CCB(Change Control Board)is a review committee that discusses and approves requests for changes to On Demand customer system configurations. The change requests are fulfilled in the following ways: 

A work guideline is generated by engineering for operations to use and implement. 

The changes are included in Oracle Certified Configurations. 

D:Project teams to take advantage of this experience by leveraging these leading practices along with industry standards. 

Q44. Earned value is a technique to report project status using which three variables? 

A. EV – Earned Value 

B. PV – Planned Value 

C. AC – Actual Cost 

D. PC – Planned Cost 

E. EC – Earned Cost 

Answer: A,B,C 

Explanation: EV – earned value, estimated value of work done. PV – planned value, estimated value of planned work AC – actual cost, what you paid 

Q45. Which is the true about OUM Manage? 

A. If the client is not involved in the planning process, the project should move ahead without approval. 

B. If the client is involved in the planning process, the project should move ahead without approval. 

C. The plans are only produced by the project team. 

D. If the client is not interested in helping to produce the necessary plans, then at a minimum, they are made aware of the plans and must sign-off on them. 

E. If the client is not interested to produce necessary plans, the project manager must limit the scope of work to only Inception. 

Answer: D 

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Regenerate 1Z0-466 exam question:

Q46. Inthe following diagram, wherewould thearrowfrom the extension usecase, Get AdditionalCollateral,begin and end? 

A. Begin at Get Additional Collateral and end at Review Loan for approval 

B. Begin at Review Loan for Approval and end at get Additional Collateral 

C. Begin at the Loan approver and end at get Additional Collateral 

D. Begin at get Additional Collateral and end at CPS actor 

Answer: C 

Q47. Select the three statements that are true about the OUM Manage focus area. 

A. It is aligned with the Project management Institute’s Project management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). 

B. It is Oracle’s standard is on configuration of applications. 

C. Its main focus is on configuration of applications. 

D. It is appropriate for managing all types of Oracle Consulting engagements. 

E. It is used to gather requirements and analyze, design, build, and test custom software. 

F. It provides a framework for development of services that supports enterprise or strategic-level interactions. 

Answer: D,E,F 

Explanation: Project management enables the project manager to manage delivery of an agreed upon level of solution quality while planning for and controlling the scope, cost, and schedule. 

The Manage focus area has three phases: 

Project Start Up Phase 

Project Execution and Control Phase 

Project Closure Phase 

Q48. What describes the initial Iteration Plan for the Inception phase? 

A. It is a static plan, which is set during Bid Transition. 

B. It is created in the Project Startup Phase. 

C. It focuses on the milestones for the Elaboration Phase. 

D. It is not needed because Inception is a short phase. 

Answer: B 


Note: The overriding goal of the Inception phase is to gain concurrence among all stakeholders on the lifecycle objectives for the project. The Inception phase is critical for all projects because the scope ofthe effort, the high-level requirements, and the significant risks must be understood before the projectcan proceed. The Inception phase is used to kick off a project; review the strategic direction of thebusiness; and confirm, document, and prioritize the high-level business requirements for the project. It is also the time to begin assembling and integrating the project team, to scope the entire engagement,and develop the initial project plan. 

Q49. According to the recommended training for this exam, what is the "triple constraint"? 

A. time, resources, quality/scope 

B. time, quality/scope, performance 

C. client availability, budget, modifications 

D. products licensed, service requests limits, annual maintenance 

Answer: A 

Explanation: *Scope, Time & Cost together are termed as the Triple Constraints of a Project. 

*Risk avoidance involves changing the project plan to eliminate therisk or to protect the project objectives (time, cost, scope, quality) from itsimpact. The team might achieve this by changing scope, adding time, oradding resources (thus relaxing the so-called “triple constraint”) 


Q50. According to the recommended training for this exam, an engagement becomes a project when ______________. 

A. There is a specific result, a budget, and a targeted end date 

B. The client signs the contract 

C. The client signs the statement of Work 

D. The sales cycle has ended 

Answer: B