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2021 Jul 1Z0-457 free practice questions

Q11. Which two privilege delegation types are supported by Oracle Enterprise Manager? 

A. Sudo 

B. DBrun 

C. Powerbroker 

D. Privilege Manager 

E. Group Policy Manager 

F. Persona_create 

Answer: AC 

Q12. You need a workflowof tasks that must be performed for a particular lifecycle management activity. 

What Oracle Enterprise management functionality can you use to provide this? 

A. DeploymentProcedures 

B. Connector Framework 

C. Configuration Control 

D. Diagnostics Pack and Tuning Pack 

Answer: A 

Q13. Which agent configuration would you use for a single host that is running an Oracle 10g Database, an Oracle 11g Database, and an Oracle WebLogic Server? 

A. One agent for the database and one agent for the WebLogic Server 

B. One agent for all three 

C. One agent for each 

D. No agents required with SSL 

Answer: B 

Q14. Which three are key elements in theplugin.xmlfile for Oracle Enterprise Management? 

A. CredentialInfo 

B. CredentialType 

C. CredentialSet 

D. CredentialSetRow 

E. CredentialMember 

Answer: ABC 

Q15. Which statement is true when Oracle Enterprise Manager is used with virtual server pools? 

A. Can create and delete a virtual server pool 

B. Can only create a virtual server pool 

C. Can only delete a virtual server pool 

D. Cannot create or delete a virtual server pool. That is performed from the command line. 

Answer: A

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Q16. When you create reports using Information Publisher, which three statements are true? 

A. You always start from the beginning when you create custom reports. 

B. Both default categories and subcategories can be used for out of the-box reports. 

C. Time-period and/or target parameters can be used for viewing reports. 

D. Using reporting elements, you can add a variety of information to your report. 

E. No additional customization is provided after the reporting elements are assembled. 

Answer: CD 

Q17. Which three activities can you perform by utilizing the monitoring templates in Oracle Enterprise Manager? 

A. Apply standardized monitoring settings across managed targets. 

B. Create once, and then apply monitoring and policy settings as needed. 

C. Apply a template only to targets of the same type. 

D. Clone templates across VMs. 

E. Export templates directly to tape. 

Answer: ABC 

Q18. Which three metrics are monitored by Oracle Enterprise Manager Business Transaction Management? 

A. Availability 

B. Memory usage 

C. Throughput 

D. Faults 

E. SQL executes 

Answer: ACD 

Q19. Identify two Cloud services, as defined by NIST, that Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control self service Portal supports. 

A. Infrastructure-as-a-Service 

B. Network-as-a-Service 

C. Platform-as-a-Service 

D. Software-as-a-Service 

E. Testing-as-a-Service 

Answer: AC 

Q20. You are responsible for a mass development of the management agent. Which is the function you access through the Enterprise Manager console for this purpose? 

A. Agent Download 

B. Agent Deploy 

C. Clone Agent 

D. nfsAgentInstall 

Answer: D