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2021 May 1Z0-457 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. What can the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center firmware profile do? 

A. Filter based on system type 

B. Provide rolling upgrade capability 

C. Modify firmware settings 

D. Aggregate firmware images 

Answer: C 

Q52. Which two Oracle Enterprise Manager functionalitiescan reuse the application-Specific user session recordings from Oracle Enterprise Manager Real user Experience Insight (RUEI)? 

A. Application Testing Suite 

B. Application Replay 

C. Application Workload Generator 

D. Configuration Management 

E. Compliance Management 

Answer: BDE 

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Q53. For which three scenarios can Oracle Enterprise Manager Silent Mode installation be utilized? 

A. Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager using a new database 

B. Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager with Oracle Replication 

C. Installing an additional Oracle Management Service 

D. Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager plug-ins 

E. Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager using an existing database 

Answer: ACDE 

Q54. In Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, which four conditions can cause Agent Status to be displayed as unreachable in the console? 

A. Agent is running but is unable to upload files. 

B. Agent is not configured for HTTPS and Oracle Management Service (OMS) is locked to only accept HTTPS communications. 

C. Agent is unable to connect to Oracle Integration Server. 

D. Agent has not been registered with the name server. 

E. Agent is not running. 

F. Agent cannot resolve the Oracle Management Service (OMS) host name. 

Answer: ABEF 

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Q55. Identify the application that is used to build and package applications as a set and that enables deployment by Oracle Enterprise manager. 

A. Oracle Virtual Application Builder 

B. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder 

C. Oracle Application Jesting Suite 

D. Oracle Real Application Testing 

E. Oracle Package Builder 

Answer: B 

Q56. What method does Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control use for automatic discovery? 

A. Ping 

B. Telnet 



E. Socket Connect 

Answer: A 

Q57. What two access control functions can be performed by using the Group feature in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control? 

A. Grant administrators access to the different groups of targets so that they can access only allowed areas. 

B. Create named credentials. 

C. Grant users the ability to add or delete a target in a specific group and to grantprivilegeson a group. 

D. Audit individual compliance with the security policies in the groups.pol file. 

E. Send an email notification to alert members when policy violation occurs. 

Answer: AE 

Q58. Which two statements are true about metrics in Oracle Enterprise manager? 

A. Metric extensions are the new way to create metrics that is introduced in Oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control. 

B. User-defined metrics are not-supported for the targets monitored by oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. 

C. User-defined metrics do not need to be migrated to metrics extensions. 

D. Migration of collected, user-defined metric historic data is not supported with oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control. 

E. Previous user-defined metrics do not need to be displayed or deleted after they are migrated to metric extensions. 

Answer: AE