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2021 Jun 1Z0-521 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. A key business user requirement to those users should be able to create sales order with distributor keys trokes.

Which four setup options facilitate reduced data entry? (Choose four)

A. Defaulting rules

B. Transaction types

C. OM: invoice source

D. Processing constraints

E. Automatic attachments rules

F. OM: invoice transaction type

G. OM: enable Related items and manual substitutions

Answer: ABEG

Q2. Identify the two values that the reporting level parameter can have when using cross organization reports with the multi-Org access control system feature. (Choose twos)

A. Ledger

B. Legal entity

C. Operating Unit

D. Security profile

E. Business group

Answer: AC

Q3. Identify three correct statements about cascading attributes. (Choose three)

A. Enable Quit code OM_Header_to _line_Cascade.

B. Enable the key profile option OM: sales order form: Cascade Header changes to the line.

C. The cascading attributes feature is applicable for user interface, but not for an API (Process order)

D. When an update constraint is violated for a line attribute, the constraint will allows updates to other lines.

E. There are only two modes (Automatic and Manual) for the profile OM: sales order form Cascade Header change to line.

Answer: ABC

1Z0-521  actual exam

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Q4. A global single instance (GSI) provides the global enterprise with a single, complete data model. Identify three features in Oracle E-Business suite Release 12 that support a GSI. (Choose three)

A. Maintenance of third-party applications

B. Automation of standardize documents and audit process

C. Decentralization of operations by regions, divisions, or processes

D. Consolidation of data centers and lowering administrative overhead

E. Capture of statutory and customary local requirements in same database

Answer: BDE

Q5. Which two are the mandatory setup steps to ship from an organization? (Choose two)

A. Grouping rules

B. Shipping grants

C. Pick release rules

D. Ship confirm rules

E. Open inventory periods

Answer: BE

Q6. The item sub inventory report output contains _______. (Choose three)


B. Source type

C. Locator control

D. Focus forecast

E. Fixed Lot multiple

F. Min-max information

Answer: BEF

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Q7. Identify the three correct statements regarding multiple organization access control (MOAC).

(Choose three)

A. Responsibility can be set across operating units

B. MOAC allows the operating unit field to be left blank

C. The application behaves conventionally when MAOC specifies set ups are not enabled

D. The default operating unit for an order management responsibility is set by the MO: default operating unit profile value.

E. The MOAC -enabled environment will record a null value for the operating unit when order is saved by the user without specifying the operating unit value.

Answer: ACD

Q8. In the multi-Org model of Oracle E-Business suit release 12, which organization type owns bank account.

A. Ledger

B. Legal Entity

C. Operating unit

D. Balancing Entity

E. Business Group

Answer: B

Q9. Select three ways to deactivate credit checking on an order. (Choose three)

A. Disable the credit checking defaulting rule.

B. Disable the credit checking flag at the operating unit level

C. Disable the credit security code system parameter

D. Use an order type that does not have an assigned credit rule

E. Use payment terms for which the credit check box is no selected

F. Define the customer profile so that the credit check box is not selected

Answer: DEF

Q10. Identify three features of a value set. (Choose three)

A. Values sets are mandatory

B. Value sets must contain values

C. Value sets control the values for many report parameters

D. The same value set can be shared between different Flexfield

E. A value set is a definition of the values approves for entry by a particular Flexfield segment.

Answer: CDE