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2021 May 1Z0-550 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Which two statements are NOT configurable options available during the Deployment Server installation?

A. Installation Directory

B. Features (El Files, Path Codes)

C. JDBC Driver location

D. Visual C++ Version

E. Visual C++ Location

Answer: DE

Q42. EnterpriseOne Data Dictionary items provide the foundation for all EnterpriseOne objects and they are a critical part of the EnterpriseOne change management system. However Data Dictionary is typically stored in one shared data source for all environments. In which environment does Oracle recommend to NOT have a shared Data Dictionary?






Answer: B

Q43. EnterpriseOne Application Servers must have their services started prior to running a UBE or executing a business function. When starting the EnterpriseOne service, if there is a problem, where is the best location to look for reasons for the issue?

A. Log files in the systembin32 directory

B. PDFs in the printqueue

C. Server Manager for the Enterprise Server managed instance

D. HTML server log files

E. The logs directory on the enterprise server as defined by thejde.ini

Answer: A


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Q44. EnterpriseOne Object Management Workbench is the centralized change management facility for maintaining EnterpriseOne objects in the system. All users will have a Default Project in OMW Which is NOT true about the Default Project in OMW?

A. Can be used to research, develop, and prototype objects

B. Interactive and Report versions that are created external to OMW will automatically be added to the Default Project

C. Modified/created Data Dictionary and UDC items will automatically be added to the Default Project

D. Project can advance status

E. Owners can belong in multiple roles

Answer: D

Q45. ACME has many remote development sites and decided to implement multi-tier deployment servers to assist with the package deployments. Which UBE/report is run in order to perform the package deployment to the secondary deployment server?

A. R98825B

B. R98825C

C. R98825D

D. R98825E

E. R98403

Answer: C

Q46. In a traditional EnterpriseOne installation, in which data source would you typically find the User Overrides table (F98950) for the PD900 environment?

A. Business Data - Prod

B. Central Objects - PD900

C. Control Tables - Prod

D. System - 900

E. Versions - PD900

Answer: B


Refined 1Z0-550 pdf:

Q47. When defining a new update Package definition, which is required to be included in the definition?

A. Foundation

B. Database

C. Parent Package

D. Objects

E. Features

Answer: C

Q48. After a full package has been built and is deployed on the same Enterprise Server, where do the runtime business function libraries get copied from?

A. The <path code>bin32 directory on the deployment server

B. The <path code><package>bin32 directory on the deployment server

C. The <path code>bin32 directory on the build machine

D. The <package>bin32 directory on the enterprise server

E. The <path code><package>bin32 directory on the enterprise server

Answer: D

Q49. When defining a new Full Package definition for a development workstation, which two are NOT required to be included in the definition?

A. Foundation

B. Database

C. Objects

D. Features

E. Parent Package

Answer: BC

Q50. Server Manager provides a unified interface where administrators can view information regarding EnterpriseOne. What are the two primary components Server Manager monitors when verifying that EntrepriseOne is functioning properly?






Answer: AE