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2021 Oct 1Z0-897 practice exam

Q51. A company is implementing an accounting system, where every transaction is monitored and audited. They must implement message-oriented Web services in their accounting package to integrate various modules. All errors in computation or transmission must be logged. Which technology will they use? 





Answer: A 

Q52. Given the resource class fragment: Choose the code fragment below that would secure access only to the Resource update() method (Choose one): 

A. <security-constraint> 






B. <security-constraint> 





C. <security-constraint> 






D. <security-constraint>D.<security-constraint> 





Answer: B 

Q53. Given that StockQuoteService is a Service class and StockQuoteProvider is a corresponding SEI for a web service. Which of the following options enable MTOM feature for proxy for the StockQuoteProvider SEI ? (Choose one) 

A. proxy = new StockQuoteService().getStockQuoteProvider() 

B. proxy = new StockQuoteService().getStockQuoteProvider(new MTOMFeature()) 

C. proxy = new StockQuoteService(new MTOMFeature()).getStockQuoteProvider() 

D. proxy = new StockQuoteService().getStockQuoteProvider(new RespectBindingFeature()) 

Answer: B 

Q54. An automobile manufacturer publishes a Web service for use by their suppliers. The manufacturer has stringent security requirements that require suppliers to verify their identity. Data integrity and confidentiality must be maintained between the client and the server. Which two meet all of these requirements? (Choose two.) 

A. X.509 and XKMS 


C. SSL and mutual authentication 

D. XML Encryption and XML Digital Signature 

E. Private network and XML Signature 

Answer: CD 

Q55. Choose three ways to enable MTOM on a web service endpoint deployed in an EE container ? (Choose three) 

A. enabled by the container automatically 

B. by specifying @MTOM annotation on the endpoint's class 

C. by specifying <enable-mtom> in webservices.xml deployment descriptor 

D. by specifying a wsoma:MTOM policy in WSDLE. by specifying <mtom> element in sun-jaxws.xml 

Answer: BCD 

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Q56. What are two features of a WSDL 1.1 document? (Choose two.) 

A. Service defines a collection of related endpoints. 

B. Service describes the message's payload using XML. 

C. Service assigns an Internet address to a specific binding. 

D. Porttype declares complex data types and elements used elsewhere. 

E. Porttype elements are used to group a set of abstract operations. 

F. Porttype defines a concrete protocol and data format specification. 

Answer: AE 

Q57. Which of the following can an EJB-based web service endpoint may NOT be able to use ? 

A. Servlet sessions 

B. Java EE 6 declarative security 

C. container-managed transactions 

D. dependency injection 

Answer: A 

Q58. An airline built and deployed a back-end application to manage reservations. To support interoperability with as large a base of standalone client applications as possible, the services provided by this back-end application are exposed as XML-based restful web services. Management just added a new requirement that AJAX-based web application clients be supported, too. One of the developers suggested that it is enough to extend the existing application to support both XML-based and JSON-based restful web services. Assuming the developer is correct, choose the sentence that best describes an attempt to introduce this ability as this developer suggests (Choose one): 

A. The attempt will fail, because JAX-RS does not support both XML- and JSON- based restful services in parallel. 

B. The attempt will be trivial to implement, since JAX-RS just needs for the application to specify that both XML- and JSON-based interaction will be supported. 

C. The attempt can succeed, but it will require a significant amount of new code, since JAX-RS does support both XML- and JSON-based interaction - but not single resource can support both kinds of interaction simultaneously. 

D. The attempt will fail, because there is more to the difference between XML-based and JSON-based interactions than just the data representation used. 

Answer: B 

Q59. Choose the JAX-RS type that is used to produce URLs to resources, given the resource class, to incorporate into resource responses (Choose one): 

A. UriBuilder 

B. UriInfo 

C. UriMapper 

D. Producer 

Answer: A 

Q60. A developer is creating a web service endpoint using a stateless session EJB for the business logic of an application. Choose two methods to select role based access control for the business logic ? (Choose two) 

A. Using method-permission element in ejb-jar.xml 

B. Using .htaccess file in the application's ear 

C. Using <security-role> element in web.xml 

D. By specifying security annotations like @RolesAllowed in the EJB class 

Answer: AD