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2021 Jul 1z0-485 free practice test

Q21. Which two statements are true about CellCLI? 

A. Using a CellCLI command, you can change the SNMP subscribers or add multiple SNMP subscribers. 

B. Using CellCLI, you can stop and start the ASM instances that are using the grid disks on the Exadata storage cell. 

C. With a simple CellCLI command, you can synchronize changes to all the storage cells in the Exadata realm. 

D. Using a CellCLI command, you can see whether grid disks are being used by ASM or not. 

E. You cannot use CellCLI to gather the serial numbers of physical disks. 

Answer: BD 

Q22. Identify a recommended configuration to set up Auto Service Request (ASR) for Exadata. 

A. Install ASR Manager on Exadata Database Server. 

B. Install ASR Manager on Exadata Storage Server. 

C. ASR is not recommended for Exadata; the Oracle Configuration Manager is preferred. 

D. Install ASR Manager on a Standalone Server. 

Answer: D 

Q23. Which CellCLI command is used to conclude that a storage server can be taken offline without impacting database availability? 

A. LIST GRIDDISK ATTRIBUTES name, asmDeactivationOutcome; 


C. LIST CELL ATTRIBUTES cellsrvStatus, flashCacheMode; 

D. LIST CELLDISK ATTRIBUTES name, raidLevel, asmModeStatus; 


Answer: A 

Q24. When running OS Watcher, which two data outputs are valid for Exadata storage cell performance analysis? Select the two correct choices that apply? 

A. lostat 

B. mpstat 

C. netstat 

D. pkginfo 

E. label 

Answer: AC 

Q25. Identify two tasks that the Database Resource Manager can perform, which the I/O Resource Manager cannot. 

A. Manage I/O based on the application that is connected to the database. 

B. Manage the number of parallel sessions for a query. 

C. Manage I/O and CPU between databases on the same cluster or physical database host. 

D. Terminate database sessions when certain limits have been reached. 

E. Manage the throughput of an I/O-bound application based on the service name used for the connection. 

Answer: BD

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Q26. What would be the best way to ensure that batch Jobs do not impact performance ofonline queries that use the same database? 

A. Configure IORM to disable Flash Cache usage for batch workload. 

B. Build a Database Resource Management Plan, giving priority to query workload. 

C. Deploy Instance Caging to control batch jobs. 

D. Configure and enable Parallel Query. 

E. Configure resource plans by using the I/O Resource Manager on the storage cells, giving priority to query workload. 

Answer: B 

Q27. Storage indexes are unique to the Exadata Database Machine and their primary goal is to reduce the amount of I/O required to service I/O requests for Exadata Smart Scan. Put the following steps in order: 

1. The Exadata cell services software conducts I/O requests on I MO storage regions. 

2. cellsrv checks the high and low values, and determines the storage region does not contain any values meeting the predicate. 

3. The database is started. 

4. Physical I/O to the region is bypassed if the query selection falls outside the high/low storage index storage. 

5. A query is issued against the MYOBJ_CTRL table that has a predicate OBJECT_ID=1500. 

6. A subsequent query is Issued against the MYOBJ_CTRL table that has a predicate OBJECT_ID=2234. 

7. MYOBJ_STATE’S region index is populated with high and low values for the OBJECT_ID column during the I/O request. 

A. 3. 7, 5, 2, 1, 6, and 4 

B. 3, 7, 1, 5, 6, 2, and 4 

C. 3, 6, 1.7, 2, 5and 4 

D. 3,5, 1, 7, 6, 2. and 4 

Answer: D 

Q28. You are concerned about how to recover from a failed Exadata Storage Server. What is the best way to recover from a storage cell failure when content in both system disks is lost? 

A. Database Machine Administrators should be prepared by creating a backup using 

B. Database Machine Administrators should be prepared by creating a backup to an NFS file location as described in the owners guide. 

C. Any USB can be plugged in to create a backup. 

D. Be sure that you have a backup by running in /opt/oracle.cellos. 

E. Use the Exadata Storage Server rescue functionality that Is provided on the CELLBOOT USB flash drive. 

F. Re-imaging the cell is the only option. 

Answer: E 

Q29. Which three migration options are available when you migrate a database from the Big Endian format system to Exadata? 

A. Data Pump Export and Import 

B. transportable database 

C. transportable tablespaces 

D. Data Guard 

E. Insert as Select 

Answer: BCD 

Q30. You get a Host Unreachable error when you attempt to connect to a server through a network terminal command line. What are two other ways in which you can connect? 

A. Use the ILOM Web GUI. 

B. Use the dcli command at the root prompt on a database node. 

C. Attach a terminal device to the back panel of the server with a serial cable. 

D. Connect by using SQL *Plus. 

E. Log in as root on the database node using the Net1 IP address. 

Answer: AC