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Q11. You need to display a text value based on variance data in an ASO database. If the variance percentage is less than 10, users should see "Low Priority," if the variance percentage is between 11 and 25, users should see "Medium Priority," and if the variance percentage is greater than 25, users should see High Priority." The Essbase feature that supports this capability is:

A. Text List

B. Format string

C. Text data type of a measure

D. Trigger

E. Not possible in an ASO database

Answer: B

Q12. Your current block storage option design includes two dimensions: Markets and Regions. The Market dimension looks like:

Users need to be able to report by both regions and markets. Subtotals for Northeast and Southwest will display on some reports.

A. Add another level to the market dimension for Northeast with North and East as children and Southwest with West and South as children

B. Add an alternate hierarchy to the market dimension with the states as shared members, rolling up to Northeast and Southwest

C. Create a UDA with members Northeast and Southwest (associated to states in the Market dimension)

D. Create an attribute dimension with members Northeast and Southwest (associated to states in the Market dimension)

E. Create a Text list with the values containing the members Northeast and Southwest.

Answer: C

Q13. You receive the following error: Error: 1042021: Network error: The client or server timed out waiting to receive data. Which two settings in the Essbase.CFG are most commonly used to correct the issue?






Answer: BC

Q14. What is the extension for the file containing data for ASO applications?

A. .pag

B. .dat

C. .txt

D. .aso

E. .fil

Answer: B

Q15. Which setting will give information about when a data block is calculated?





Answer: C

Q16. What does DTS (Dynamic Time Series) do?

A. Calculates to date values for Essbase block storage databases B. Dynamically calculates the Time dimension

C. Enable Time Balance functionality for accounts

D. Calculates to date values for Essbase aggregate storage databases

Answer: B

Q17. In Smart View, when zooming in and out of dimensions in Essbase, if you need to go back to a previous step, you can:

A. Undo one time

B. Flashback one time

C. Undo up to specified number of times

D. Use Microsoft Excel Undo

Answer: B

Q18. Moving a stored entity member in a sparse dimension causes_________.

A. a Full restructure

B. an Index restructure

C. an Outline restructure

D. No restructure

Answer: B

Q19. Fragmentation has a number of potential causes. Identify two.

A. Deleting member from a sparse dim

B. Deleting member from a dense dim

C. Renaming a member

D. Renaming an alias

E. Submitting data/deleting data frequently (like in budget applications)

Answer: BE

Q20. You should back up the following three for ASO.

A. Hyperion_Home \common

B. Essbaseinstallfolder\bin

C. ARBORPATH \app\appname

D. Essbaseinstallfolder \locale

E. Essbase.sec

F. Essbase.cfg

Answer: CEF