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Q81. A user has an LCD and a CRT monitor attached to their workstation. The colors are slightly off on the CRT but not the LCD. Which of the following controls should be used in troubleshooting? 

A. Geometry 

B. Contrast 

C. Brightness 

D. Degauss 


Q82. A user’s smartphone runs very slow at the end of the day. When the user restarts the phone in the morning, it runs at its normal speed. Which of the following should be done throughout the day to BEST resolve this issue? 

A. Reset to the smartphone to factory default. 

B. Uninstall any unused apps. 

C. Close all running apps. 

D. Charge the smartphone. 


Q83. An end user calls the company’s IT service desk to report an inability to open encrypted emails on a mobile device. Which of the following BEST represents a possible cause? 

A. A valid certificate suitable for S/MIME is not installed. 

B. Emails received by the user lack suitable digital signatures. 

C. SSL/TLS certificates stored on the device are expired. 

D. The sender did not have the addressee’s public certificate. 


Q84. A technician is trying to install Windows on a computer. The install process reports there are no storage devices available, but the BIOS shows a hard drive is installed. Which of the following does the technician need to do? 

A. Create a primary partition 

B. Use NTFS 

C. Enable PXE 

D. Install third-party drivers 


Q85. A user gets an error message that the trust relationship to the domain has been broken. Which of the following can be done to resolve this from the client desktop? 

A. Re-join the computer to the domain 

B. Reboot the PC as the domain will automatically rebuild the relationship 

C. Update the BIOS using the latest version 



Q86. Which of the following is the FASTEST way for a user to synchronize data between an iPhone and a work PC? 

A. Transfer data via WiFi Direct to the user’s laptop. 

B. Use Bluetooth to share data from the phone. 

C. Connect the iPhone’s USB cable and use iTunes. 

D. Copy the data from the phone to a MicroSD card. 


Q87. A user reports the Internet connection is not working on the corporate network. After running through the troubleshooting steps, the administrator finds the computer has a valid IP address, can connect to network shares, and can view local intranet pages in the web browser. The administrator tries navigating to a public Internet page and it times out. Which of the following should the technician configure next? 

A. Hosts files 

B. IPv6 settings 

C. Proxy settings 

D. Lmhosts files 


Q88. An administrator wants to give a user limited access rights in Windows Vista so that the user can install printers and create local user accounts. Which of the following accounts should the administrator create for the user? 

A. Power user 

B. Administrator 

C. Standard 

D. Guest 


Q89. A technician has decided to upgrade all users’ iPhones to the latest model. Which of the following is the FIRST thing the technician should advise the users to do with the old phones before turning them in? 

A. Back up the mobile data with a cloud backup service. 

B. Enable remote wipe to clear all personal and corporate data. 

C. Go into the device settings to remove personal customizations. 

D. Factory reset the old phones to ensure the data is no longer on the device. 


Q90. Which of the following would a technician use to search for a specific string within a file name? 

A. grep 

B. chmod 

C. wget 

D. sudo